Jamie Pedersen

Executive Vice President, General Counsel, Secretary

Favorite McKinstry Value:

Put People First

About Jamie:

Jamie works to strengthen McKinstry and our communities with a steadfast commitment to corporate social responsibility and public service. In over 20 years of work with McKinstry, Jamie has demonstrated his dedication to put people first by initiating and implementing policies and practices that advance McKinstry’s values. After working to authorize the creation of social purpose corporations in Washington state, Jamie rewrote McKinstry’s governing documents to allow its leaders to prioritize people, the environment and the needs of the broader community above short-term profits. With oversight of human resources, labor relations, corporate social impact, corporate and board governance, contracts, disputes and legal compliance, Jamie leads by focusing on McKinstry’s efforts to put people first, advance equity and reduce carbon emissions.

Outside of McKinstry, Jamie has represented central Seattle in the Washington state legislature since 2006, first in the House of Representatives and since 2013 in the State Senate. After many years chairing the House Judiciary Committee and the Senate Law & Justice Committee, he was elected Majority Floor Leader in 2021. He has served on the Uniform Law Commission since 2010 and the Legislative Ethics Board since 2008. Since 2005, he has been chair of Lambda Legal’s National Leadership Council and was its lead volunteer lawyer for Washington’s marriage equality case. Jamie helped establish a nonprofit community lunch program and has a long history of providing pro bono legal services to applicants for political asylum and nonprofit organizations.

“Treating people with respect, giving them opportunities to grow and do good work and allowing them to share in the benefits they have helped create is the foundation of our company. I work to preserve this culture because it connects McKinstry and our people with our clients and partners and the communities we all share. We build equitably and efficiently to meet the needs of these communities, now and for generations to come.”

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