Megan Owen

Vice President of Enterprise Sales & Marketing

Favorite McKinstry Value:

Be Constantly Curious

About Megan:

Megan’s fierce strategic approach and never-ending ability to be constantly curious, visualize and champion development and direction for McKinstry has propelled her journey through the organization. With a focus on market strategy across all McKinstry operations, her experience, insight and leadership have led to complex high-profile projects and advancements in climate and energy policy across the country. By establishing and strengthening market strategy, sales enablement, marketing and government affairs, Megan has shaped McKinstry’s go-to-market approaches to ensure success and client satisfaction.

Megan’s passion for removing climate harm out of the built environment is shared beyond McKinstry. She serves on the board of directors of the NW Energy Coalition.

“At McKinstry, we believe the time is now to take bold and aggressive action and radically reduce carbon and waste in the built environment by 2030. To do so, we need leadership, compromise and sustained financial mechanisms to transform the U.S. energy value chain and speed progress on critical goals related to the climate crisis, affordability, job creation and social equity. I am grateful for the opportunity to lead and shape these efforts in service to our people, clients, communities and the planet.”

Spark Innovation


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