Ash Awad

President, Chief Market Officer

Favorite McKinstry Value:

Be Constantly Curious

About Ash:

Ash advances McKinstry’s vision and industry leadership through collaborative innovation. Constantly curious, he pushes staff to always ask what’s possible and continually explore emerging industry trends that are shaping our built environment. The result can be seen in McKinstry’s innovative engineering and energy projects across the country that set the benchmark for zero carbon and zero energy at zero premium.

Ash currently serves on the boards of the Smart Buildings Center, Washington STEM and Climate Solutions. He also serves as the Deputy Director for the Washington Roundtable and provides support to University of Washington’s Mechanical Engineering department.

“The climate, affordability and equity crises deserve our time, focus and creative solutions. We will solve our society’s most challenging problems, fueled by our engineering prowess, creativity and willingness to take accountability for delivering a better built environment for our communities.”

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