Scott Morris

Chairman of the Board at Avista Corp.

Favorite McKinstry Value:

Build Trusted Partnerships

About Scott:

Scott serves on McKinstry’s board equipped with a deep knowledge and understanding of construction, utilities and customer service, having spent his entire career in these industries. Scott retired after spending 38 years at Avista, where he served in a variety of leadership positions cultivating endless trusted partnerships.

Scott also serves on the board of California Water Service and Iron Horse Acquisitions, a diversity media and entertainment SPAC company. He is a Trustee Emeritus of Gonzaga University and has served on a number of Spokane nonprofit and economic development boards.

“Through many years providing leadership, the most valuable lessons I learned were from those not in charge. I value leading with humility and connection to others. Those partnerships are what I maintain served as and continue to provide a foundation for my desire to contribute to our communities and the world. I see this same value shining brightly at McKinstry.”

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