Janice Clusserath

Senior Vice President

Favorite McKinstry Value:

Put People First

About Janice:

The unwavering support of our people drives McKinstry’s growth. Janice’s efforts ensure our people are rewarded for and prepared to advance that support. She oversees our employee experience with a commitment to put people first to ensure excellence across the organization. Under Janice’s guidance, McKinstry has optimized its total rewards program, reinforced its ability to attract and retain top talent, created robust learning and development opportunities, instituted flexible work environments and cemented updated performance management and HR systems.

Janice takes an active role in supporting our industries with membership within the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), i4cp CHRO, EVANTA/Gartner CHRO, Pacific NW CHRO and Gonzaga University Alumni programs. She also serves her community by supporting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Plan International Child and the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption and Foster Care.

“McKinstry understands that by sharing and upholding a mission and vision with conviction and deep dedication, and by offering a people-centric environment where actions demonstrate that dedication each day, the foundation is set to ensure McKinstry’s team members work in service to McKinstry’s clients with the same level of commitment and passion.”

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