Our Zero+ Commitment

Zero carbon should never jeopardize your operations or project outcomes. That’s our Zero+ commitment. Zero carbon plus a better building without compromise.​

The Right Approach

Zero carbon can be a new construction goal or phased over time via a planned approach. In all cases, we drive outcomes that can be measured, maintained and celebrated for the life of your building.​

Comprehensive Strategies

Achieving zero carbon involves every scope of the building lifecycle. McKinstry houses the expertise and breadth of services necessary to be a single point of accountability from engineering to ongoing maintenance.​

Guaranteed Outcomes

As a trusted partner for the life of your building, we guarantee our promised outcome – from design to construction to occupancy and beyond. That’s our Zero+ commitment, and we stand by it. ​

Success with Certainty

McKinstry guides your zero-carbon success with certainty. Whether it’s new construction, major retrofits or an ongoing path to zero, we create a tangible path forward to reach your zero-carbon goal.

“Our communities deserve a cleaner and more sustainable built environment for the benefit of current and future generations. We can and must deliver. McKinstry stands committed in driving our collective zero-carbon future without compromise.”

— Matt Allen, McKinstry Executive Vice President & Chief Client Officer

Zero Carbon PLUS a Better Building

A zero-carbon commitment that never compromises your core mission, operations or project outcomes.

Zero Carbon PLUS Certainty.

A tangible and achievable zero-carbon pathway that leaves little to the imagination. We work alongside your team to map every detail and remove any doubt about whether your zero-carbon aspiration is obtainable. ​

Zero Carbon PLUS Occupant Wellness, Comfort and Safety.

Your core mission and operations are our priority. Zero carbon improves building occupant wellness, comfort and performance with healthy indoor air quality, optimum lighting and other high-performing system strategies. ​

Zero Carbon PLUS Building Performance.

We design for long-term building performance. Efficiency goes up and energy costs go down, leaving you with facilities that are easy to operate and maintain. ​

Zero Carbon PLUS Compliance.

Zero+ future proofs compliance by accounting for evolving energy code and policy mandates. Your building will meet all known future code cycles and policy mandates, guaranteed.​

Zero Carbon PLUS Community Engagement.

You want to do right by your community. Our Zero+ commitment includes community outreach to ensure your community is aware of and engaged in your zero-carbon journey.​

Zero+ Project Experience

Innovating waste and climate harm out of the built environment is embedded in all that we do.


Winona State University

McKinstry and Winona State University partnered to deliver annual guaranteed utility and operational cost savings of approximately $673,000—a 23.8% reduction in utility costs and a total savings of $26 million over the project’s 25-year lifetime.

Learn More: Winona State University

Other Projects: Denver Public Schools | Salt Lake City School District 

Climate Pledge Arena 1

Climate Pledge Arena

As a dedicated partner in this endeavor, McKinstry delivered zero-carbon power before the Seattle Kraken took the ice. McKinstry performed site development, engineering, procurement, installation and commissioning.

Learn More: Climate Pledge Arena

Other Projects: Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado 


Catalyst Building

Catalyst is served by an all-electric heating and cooling plant housed within the neighboring Morris Center. This groundbreaking system combines eight different mechanical devices to provide heating and cooling to all buildings within the larger Spokane EcoDistrict.

Learn More: Catalyst Building

Other Projects: Seattle Central College | Spokane Living Laboratory 


King County Metro

With aggressive sustainability and carbon reduction goals established in King County’s 2020 Climate Action Plan, Metro needed a partner to support their journey to achieve a 100% zero-emissions fleet by 2035. As King County’s prequalified energy partner, McKinstry stepped in.

Learn More: King County Metro Zero-Emissions Fleet 

Taking Action for Impact

Coming together to drive transformative change is a collective win. It’s time to be constructive in all the right ways for the world we share. Answer our call for clear, swift and decisive action, and join the movement using #ActionForImpact.

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