Action for Impact

Facing the Climate Threat

Buildings contribute nearly 40% of total global energy-related carbon emissions. Severe weather events are intensifying, and their destructive impact is unprecedented. The mounting strain on infrastructure and natural resources is moving us to a point of no return by 2030.

Delivering Affordability

Buildings cost too much to design, operate and maintain. The resulting affordability crisis is limiting the ingenuity, advancements and investments needed to balance the natural and built environment.

Tackling Systemic Inequity

Inequity exacerbates the impacts of the climate and affordability crises. Our industry is one of the least diverse in the U.S. We can and must do more to break down systemic barriers and create greater opportunities for equity.

Our Call to Action

Action for Impact is our plan for transformative change. We look to make a lasting impact on our industry and within our communities by addressing the climate, affordability and equity crises head on.

“Time is of the essence as we stand in the shadow of these challenges and recover from a global health pandemic and economic uncertainty.”

— Dean Allen, CEO McKinstry

From Aspiration Comes Action

McKinstry is innovating the waste and climate harm out of the built environment and driving impact by:

Charting Our Zero-Carbon Future

Enlisting our inventive prowess and experience, we will lead by example and work with our clients and partners to chart the course for a zero-carbon future.

Action For Impact
Reengineering the Supply Chain

Develop new business models, manufacturing practices and supply chain services that increase productivity, reduce carbon emissions and create a more equitable built environment.

Reengineering The Supply Chain
Connected and Intelligent Buildings

Transforming buildings into connected and intelligent environments that adapt autonomously and share energy.

About Intelligent Buildings
Advancing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Doing more in concert with our clients, partners, people and communities to break down systemic barriers and create greater opportunities for equity.

About Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Not an Empty Promise

We must act boldly to find solutions. The impact we seek to make requires focus and a commitment to the most important initiatives, priorities and investments.

Join the movement using #ActionForImpact.

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