Dawson Ventures

Cultivating an ecosystem of innovation that inspires curiosity and pushes what’s possible for our people, clients and communities. 

Innovation pushes evolution through emerging trends, technologies and best practices. Dawson Ventures is our dedicated innovation team focused on evolving the built environment beyond the status quo.

Accelerating Innovation

Transformative change requires bold action. Dedicating a team to innovation accelerates and amplifies our efforts to innovate waste out of the built environment for the benefit of all.

Dawson Labs

Dawson Labs incubates novel technologies and business practices by working alongside pioneering minds to assess, develop and co-create solutions to industry and societal challenges.

Dawson Advisory

Dawson Advisory leverages our collective market knowledge, relationships and capabilities to guide McKinstry ventures and external startup partners through go-to-market strategy formation and delivery.

Dawson Funding

Dawson Funding answers the need for capital and financial guidance for new ventures, paving the way for both transformative change and financial success.

Charting the Future

Guided by our vision and compelled by our values, Dawson Ventures advances early-stage ventures and technologies at the speed of innovation. Current efforts span:

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Overcast Innovations

Manufacturing configurable, plug-and-play ceiling assemblies that create modern, intelligent, sustainable and affordable spaces. 

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Empowering a fully decarbonized grid by connecting building operators with utilities through grid-integrated infrastructure and actionable insights. 

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Emerald Initiative

Enabling resilient communities through the sustainable development and operations of commercial real estate and energy infrastructure assets. 

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