Equity and Inclusion

Organizations that excel at inclusion are more successful, make higher-quality decisions, attract and retain higher-caliber talent and build better connections with clients and communities. More importantly, inclusion creates the psychological safety that drives innovation, belonging, creativity and empowerment.

Workforce Inclusivity

Our industry’s workforce must represent the vibrant mosaic of diversity within our communities. We must work side-by-side every day to foster a culture of inclusion and belonging to eradicate implicit bias and empower each person to be their authentic selves.

Industry Influence

Greater representation of women, people of color, people with disabilities and people in the LGBTQ community is needed across the trades and skilled labor pipeline. We must leverage our collective market influence to create safe, inviting, respectful and equitable work environments for all.

Community Impact

We must look beyond our industry to advance diversity, equity and inclusion. Aligning our community engagement, service and philanthropy will generate greater impact for underserved and historically marginalized communities.

Building a Collective Commitment

Our values demand that we take accountability for diversity, equity and inclusion. No single individual or organization can stem the tide of inequity alone. We must work together to build coalitions for lasting change through:

“Diversity, equity and inclusion aren’t an empty promise at McKinstry. We’re taking deliberate and bold actions to combat the equity crisis. We are inspired to drive these initiatives because we know firsthand the value of implementing them for our people, our clients and our communities.”

– Jamie Pedersen, McKinstry Executive Vice President & General Counsel

Fostering Diverse Business Opportunities

Creating opportunities for businesses owned by women, people of color and other historically marginalized individuals is critical in advancing equity across our industry. McKinstry works hard to exceed diverse business subcontracting and procurement goals on every project by:

Partnering with Clients

To develop robust equity plans containing clear goals and intended outcomes.

Inviting Diverse Businesses to Participate

In and providing intentional support through RFP and contracting processes.

Building Partnerships

By engaging in targeted local market outreach and researching new vendors through local and national databases.

Sharing Our Experience

With diverse businesses through mentorship and support to ensure success.

“Fostering equity and inclusion opportunities advances economic prosperity for people of color, women, veterans, the LGBTQ community and beyond. This is what McKinstry’s focus on diverse subcontracts and suppliers is all about – supporting historically marginalized communities for the success of our people and our clients.”

— Leslie Larocque, McKinstry Vice President for Energy & Technical Services

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