Dean Allen

Chief Executive Officer, Chairman

Favorite McKinstry Value:

Put People First

About Dean:

Dean is leading transformative change to address the overlapping climate, affordability and equity crises by relentlessly pursuing Action for Impact across the built environment. As CEO, Dean has grown McKinstry into a nationally recognized leader in design, construction, optimization and maintenance of high-performing buildings and energy assets. His passion for putting people first inspires and mobilizes McKinstry’s national workforce to eliminate barriers standing in the way of a less harmful and sustainable built environment.

Leading with care, Dean has long served his community in various philanthropic roles, expressing his passion for global health and education guided by the belief that all children deserve the opportunity to reach their full potential. Dean is a board member for the Washington Roundtable and serves on the Seattle Children’s Hospital Foundation Board and Research Committee. He is also a founding board chair of Washington STEM.

“At McKinstry, we put people first. Creating an equitable company and society with opportunity for all is the bedrock of what we believe and what we stand for. We have much more to do to enact the change we wish to see in our own lives, in our company and in our communities. Our deep commitment to action and to meaningful change will guide us forward on this journey.”

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