Susan Betcher

Patent Law Practice Partner at Perkins Coie

Favorite McKinstry Value:

Make a Positive Difference

About Susan:

A patent and cleantech attorney with a keen business acumen and incredible vision, Susan brings not only legal expertise to the board, but also her experience as a trained engineer with a background in a broad range of clean technology sectors. Working to make a positive difference, Susan advises clients on renewable energy and materials, efficiency, storage, smart grids and more. Her robust knowledge provides meaningful counsel to McKinstry’s leadership.

Susan is the past chair of the board of trustees for the Seattle Children’s Hospital, is a board member and executive committee member for CleanTech Alliance, is on the dean’s committee for the University of Washington College of Engineering and is a technology council member with the Clean Energy Institute.

“One of the most vital roles we can take on in today’s society is to be a good steward of the environment and to ensure that work and progress is accessible to everyone. McKinstry is leading the industry in these efforts. I am deeply committed to support McKinstry’s leadership with its mission to make a positive difference and transform the industry and innovate the climate harm out of the built environment.”

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