Joseph Hagar

President, Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer

Favorite McKinstry Value:

Make a Positive Difference

About Joseph:

Joseph provides an organizational foundation in service to McKinstry’s ability to make a positive difference. He provides the financial discipline and rigor needed to allow McKinstry to invest the time and resources needed to tackle the climate, affordability and equity crises by innovating waste and climate harm out of our built environment. Joseph leads McKinstry’s corporate operations, providing fundamental support for continuous security, safety and growth across our workforce.

Joseph leads McKinstry’s people by example, serving on the board of directors for Builtspace Technologies and PATH Finance Committee and through his activities with the Seattle Chamber of Commerce.

“McKinstry is standing up to lead the charge with purpose and accountability. We will live our values and deepen our community impact by driving new innovations and raising the bar for how buildings are constructed and operated. This is the road to achieving the real and lasting change that future generations deserve.”

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