Delivering High Performance Buildings

A building’s infrastructure systems are only as good as the engineering ideas behind them. And the engineers of McKinstry are unsurpassed in their ability to combine innovative problem solving with common sense design applications.

Because of our design, build, operate, and maintain (DBOM) process, McKinstry engineers concern themselves not just with the construction of a building, but how it will operate over its entire lifetime. Focused on vital day-to-day building operations, they deliver a variety of engineering services, including mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, and more. Every design choice is made toward one goal – delivering high performance buildings that ensure occupant comfort and safety, keep energy/operating costs low, maximize client profitability, and protect the environment.


McKinstry’s holistic approach to engineering is rooted in its full range of skills, covering all stages of a building’s life – from the outset of design to implementation to ongoing support. This expansive cycle of services is strengthened with every project, as our engineers, trades people and construction professionals share information and ideas – a process that benefits not just the job at hand, but future jobs as well.

By combining our extensive knowledge with the latest Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Computer-Aided Design (CAD) techniques, McKinstry creates systems that are as practical as they are accurate. We also offer advanced engineering services such as energy/environmental planning, operational modeling, and active energy management.


  • Integrated design of mechanical, electrical, data, and plumbing (MEDP) systems
  • Full-service design, build, operate, and maintain business
  • High-tech, high-touch methods
  • Cost-effective, dependable systems


McKinstry works with many government entities, always with the aim of protecting their budgets and helping them save resources for their communities. View projects >


McKinstry is a major player in helping create safe, efficient, and attractive healthcare environments. View projects >


McKinstry is a powerful partner in renewables, delivering turn-key energy source solutions. We implement long-term energy solutions for your community or organization. View projects >

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