Fleet Electrification

Design and implement the future of fleet electrification.

Fleet Operations Are Mission Critical

When fleets electrify, charging infrastructure is an organization’s lifeblood.

Experience has taught us that the difference between charging that enables electrification and infrastructure that is a headache is having a partner that has both the design and construction chops to manage complexity at scale in a rapidly changing market. Creativity and deep understanding of how sites are operated is critical for fleet electrification.

Thanks to our background completing scaled EV charging infrastructure projects, McKinstry knows firsthand the challenges presented in converting to an all-electric fleet and can help bring your vision to life.


EV master planning

Engineering & design

Hardware & software strategy


Design-build (DB) contracting

Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS)

Energy savings performance contracting (ESPC)


K-12 school districts

Higher ED

State & local government




Commercial & Industrial

For the Life of Your Building®

Guaranteed Performance

Together, we’ll prioritize the outcomes most important to the performance and longevity of your buildings, energy systems and assets. Our in-house engineers and technical experts develop facility improvement strategies to optimize energy usage while improving indoor air quality (IAQ) and overall occupant productivity, comfort and safety.

We design with the end in mind and stick around to make sure it performs. After going through a detailed, investment-grade audit and finalizing project scope, we’ll guarantee energy and cost savings generated by the project. This guarantee provides the certainty needed for near- and long-term capital planning as well as the necessary financing through performance-based contracting.

Going Beyond Energy Efficiency

Optimizing your facility and fleet operations is critical to sustained performance. We systematically identify opportunities for energy and operational savings from deep retrofits to reprogramming building automation systems (BAS), lighting controls and on-site walk-throughs to addressing no-to-low-cost fixes available to upgrade system performance.

Additionally, our project development process includes onsite energy generation where feasible, cost effective and aligned with your desired outcomes. McKinstry develops, builds and maintains turnkey rooftop, canopy and ground mounted solar projects along with integrated storage and demand management solutions.

A Budget-Neutral Approach

Budget pressures don’t mean you have to go without. Delivering more impact with less upfront capital requires creativity and a total cost of ownership mindset. We create performance contracting, energy-as-a-service and other financial approaches to guarantee the outcome you need within your budget constraints.

Every dollar counts, which is why we seek out and secure available grants, rebates, tax incentives or programs that offer below-market financing to expand project scope and allow for more informed decision making for all involved. McKinstry has a proven record of securing rebates and incentives from local utilities and maximizing government grants.

Bigger Thinking Drives Better Outcomes

McKinstry looks beyond cookie-cutter approaches to create the right project and financing mechanism needed to drive high-performing facilities. We are masters at performance contracting but know that an ESPC isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why we pioneered unique engineering, procurement and construction financing mechanisms that span design-build, energy-as-a-service (EaaS) and many other approaches. We start by listening and then tailor our approach to meet your specific opportunities, constraints and budget needs.

A National Company Focused on Local Impact

McKinstry is a national leader focused on local impact. Your project cannot succeed without understanding the need to meet local policies, codes and the need for effective community awareness. We understand these needs because we live in the communities we serve. At the same time, every local project is backed by our national bench of construction, energy and facility optimization experts – not to mention one of our industry’s largest engineering teams that can design and stamp your projects. This additional horsepower allows our teams to call in specific expertise and resources when needed to better serve you.

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