King County Metro Electric Bus Charging Pilot in Seattle, Washington

With aggressive sustainability and carbon reduction goals established in King County’s 2020 Climate Action Plan, Metro needed a partner to support their journey to achieve a 100% zero-emissions fleet by 2035. As King County’s prequalified energy partner, McKinstry stepped in.

McKinstry assisted King County Metro in developing the South Base Test Charging project. The project successfully reinforced King County’s commitment to convert buses and fleet by upgrading transit bases at the end of their useful life to battery electric buses (BEB) and BEB enabling infrastructure.

Importantly, this project included the development of a battery electric charger test facility where different combinations of BEB manufacturers and chargers can be tested. The facility also had to serve Metro employees performing BEB fleet and infrastructure maintenance and undergoing training.

The performance contracting process kept Metro in the driver’s seat and the project team focused on delivering key outcomes. Maintaining focus on the ultimate goal of a zero-carbon fleet was supported by McKinstry’s successful effort to secure a $1 million grant for the county to offset project costs.

This project demonstrates King County’s leadership in action. The living lab they’ve invested in will generate insights, validate approaches and inform the county’s BEB purchase decisions now and into the future.


Seattle, WA



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