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  • Funding Fleet Electrification to Accelerate Decarbonization Goals

Funding Fleet Electrification to Accelerate Decarbonization Goals

Partnering to build a zero-carbon future

We are proud to work with our partners to be, and remain, at the forefront of distinct efforts to support sustainability in our projects, partnerships and communities. By focusing initially on aligning with shared goals between organizations and moving into cutting-edge technology-based ideas, we can ensure that we support our collective commitment to the future of our planet. By working with forward-focused partners such as King County Metro, Winona State University and Denver Public Schools, we can create the future together.

Electrifying your organization’s vehicle fleet can be an expensive and often overwhelming endeavor. It’s hard to know where to start and how to fund the transition. Luckily, multiple federal and state programs exist to fund and accelerate your transition. Through our experience, we’ve learned how to help customers electrify based on the unique characteristics of their operations and facilities — driving cost and risk out of EV infrastructure deployment.

Over the last decade, McKinstry has planned, developed and implemented over $2 billion in energy projects that reduce our nation’s carbon footprint through electrification, efficiency and renewable energy. Using our leverage within the industry and our expertise across the building life cycle, we are driving decarbonization of all buildings and infrastructure through innovation and collaboration to help building developers, owners, designers and operators take action.

Electrify with confidence

Action speaks louder than words. McKinstry stands committed to guiding you through tangible action to reach your decarbonization goals. We have a long history and expertise helping public organizations electrify, including King County Metro, Winona State University and Denver Public Schools.

King County Metro

King County Metro needed support road-mapping the best pathway to electrify their fleet. McKinstry partnered with the organization’s leaders to design and pilot multiple technology pathways. Now, after completion of an initial pilot, we are moving forward with an actionable roadmap to help deliver our client’s zero-carbon intention.

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Winona State University

At Winona State University, we installed campus solar panels that annually produce enough electricity to power 170 average homes. Six rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) arrays along with four solar PV carports were also deployed. The 1.4 MW project will generate nearly 1.7 MWh of renewable energy each year, making it the largest solar energy system of its kind at any Minnesota State campus.

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Denver Public Schools

At Denver Public Schools, 5 MW of rooftop solar PV will be installed on 17 sites at a 12-year simple payback that was fully designed and engineered by McKinstry’s in-house solar experts.

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