Life Sciences

Unlocking innovation without sacrificing performance in labs, clean rooms, vivariums and more.

Laboratory discovery and clean room manufacturing requires an exacting environment. Without precise and predictable temperature control and air quality, products can be compromised.

We have successfully delivered projects with tight budgets and adapted to unforeseen site changes while still meeting critical schedule milestones across a broad portfolio of buildings, including biological and chemical labs, pharmaceutical research centers, clean rooms, data centers, computer chip labs and more.

Delivering the best environment to advance discovery.

The demand for life sciences space is reaching critical levels. Our teams have extensive experience converting commercial spaces to meet the needs of life sciences environments. We house the leading project teams and depth of expertise needed to make every life sciences conversion a success.

With decades of life sciences experience to leverage, our project teams design systems, operating procedures and technology choices to meet unique circumstances and programing. It’s so much more than a building, we are delivering the best environment to advance discovery.

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