Washington Clean Buildings Performance Standard

The Washington Clean Buildings Performance Standard focuses on reducing the greenhouse gas emissions from the existing building industry by putting a cap on the energy used in commercial buildings 50,000 square feet and larger across the state.

Buildings are required to reduce energy use to a specific target, report performance and continue to manage and maintain more energy efficient operations.

What to Know

Get started with our video series to understand the importance, the compliance pathways, incentive program and other key program components.

Covered Buildings:

Any non-residential building larger than 50,000 gross square feet

Exempt Buildings:

Plan for Compliance

It’s not too early to start planning. Compliance is mandatory and permanent, reoccurring every five years. Due dates are based on building size:

Gross Floor Area | Due Date

Early Adoption Incentive Program (EAIP)

The $75 million capped incentive fund is geared toward high energy users. Upon owner qualification, a one-time payout of $.85/square feet is paid out by utilities, after the building is brought into compliance.

We’re here to support and guide you with a straightforward process to bring your buildings into compliance. Contact us to start the compliance process.

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