Solar and Renewables

A clean, affordable and endless source of power.

Achieving Climate and Sustainability Goals

McKinstry develops, builds and maintains turnkey rooftop, canopy and ground mounted solar and solar+storage projects. While many solar developers focus on a single solution, we believe solar energy should be one element of a comprehensive energy and facility operations strategy. Through our integrated suite of energy and facility services, we provide our clients with additional value and savings to maximize the economic impact of your solar and storage project.

Solar photovoltaics (PV)

Solar + storage

Distributed generation

Community solar

Large ground mount systems

Battery energy storage systems

Thermal energy storage systems

Electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure

Geothermal energy

Engineering and design

Energy resiliency planning

Electrification and decarbonatization

Portfolio and campus energy planning

Utility interconnection and net metering planning

Land acquisition and development

Finance strategy and facilitation

Utility grants, rebates and incentives

Strategic purchasing


Commercial and Industrial

New building construction

Existing building construction

Portfolio or campus

Shared-energy EcoDistricts

Commercial office

State and local government


Life sciences

Data centers

Higher education

K-12 school districts

Airports and transportation

Engineer, procure, construct (EPC)

Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS)

Energy savings performance contracting (ESPC)

Power purchase agreements (PPAs)

Professional services consulting

Design-build (DB)

Progressive design-build

Qualification-based selection

For the Life of Your Building®

Demand Savings and Resiliency with Energy Storage

McKinstry deploys solar+storage and standalone battery energy storage systems to reduce a facility’s demand costs and/or provide resiliency for critical loads. Our storage solutions are tailored for your facility’s unique load profile and rate structure, emergency back-up power needs and the utility provider requirements.

Client-Centric Approach to Project Financing

Now more than ever, organizations have multiple funding options for solar and solar+storage projects. Popular options include capital funds, leases, power purchase agreement (PPA), community solar or Energy as a Service (EaaS).

Understanding the differences, savings potential and benefits of each funding option must be a consideration when planning a successful project. While many developers focus on a single solution, McKinstry will work with you to evaluate multiple options and develop a financing solution that meets your specific situation and goals for the project.

Generating More Value

McKinstry follows a holistic approach to push what’s possible for your building, campus or municipality. Whether it’s 200kW or 20MW, we evaluate your needs and engineer the right system using the best technology and most favorable financing package to make the most of your investment and protect your assets long term.

Proven Development Approach

You need a true partner who provides real world expertise with development strategy, stakeholder engagement, technical due diligence, rate valuation, policy, financing, design, permitting, engineering, construction and ongoing operations. Our structured development approach provides a tested framework for efficient project development that provides our clients with control over the project outcomes, lowers risk, drives down costs, speeds up implementation and achieves their economic and sustainability goals.

Focused Community Impact

Renewable energy projects not only reduce operating costs, but can also provide significant, tangible benefits for your community. Through our community impact initiatives, we work with clients to set and achieve diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) goals, identify and hire local contractors, create workforce training opportunities, and develop communication strategies to build community understanding and support of the project.

Technology Agnostic to Put Your Needs First

We take pride in ensuring your project is delivered on time and on budget while meeting your organization’s performance requirements. We can’t do that if we’re contractually tied to individual technology vendors. That’s why we remain vendor and technology agnostic, giving us the flexibility needed to leverage OEM and manufacturer relationships from across the industry to put your needs above all else.

“McKinstry created a complex but highly impactful project for the Denver community. Thank you for being an excellent partner. I look forward to building our first set of community solar projects and hope that we will be approved for more soon.”

– Jonathan Rogers, Renewable Energy Specialist at the City & County of Denver

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