Adams 12 Five Star Schools District Transform STEM Lab School with Solar Installation

In spring 2022, the Adams 12 Five Star Schools District installed a roof-mount solar array system to capture energy savings, reduce maintenance costs and create a hands-on learning experience for students at their STEM Lab school. As part of a larger Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC), the solar array offered a practical solution for the district to achieve carbon reduction goals outlined in their Sustainability Management Plan. The energy produced by the 365 kW array will offset 95% of the electricity the building uses in an average year, making the STEM Lab the district’s most efficient building. By transforming their energy use, the district will reduce utility costs and use those savings for facility upgrades.

In addition to the financial and environmental benefits to the district, the solar array will provide ongoing opportunities for their students to learn about energy use and renewable energy. Many district, facility and sustainability leaders understand energy projects generate cost savings. The challenge often lies in demonstrating how this is achieved and what the benefits look like to garner support across a variety of stakeholders and decision-makers. McKinstry supported Adams 12 in mapping out the savings, explaining the structure of the project and providing clarity on how the financing works to create a deeper and shared understanding to guide their stakeholders through hesitation and toward implementation.

Adams 12 Five Star Schools District was recognized by the White House for its bold and integrated approach to improving student learning environments and its impact on the environment. McKinstry is honored to partner with them on their journey.


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Energy Savings Performance Contract

Carbon Savings:

387 metric tons annually