Facility Condition Assessments

Dive deep into your facility systems to optimize maintenance and long-term capital planning.

Comprehensive, Meticulous and Built for Action

When it comes to long-term capital planning, the last thing you need is unrealistic pricing or a lack of actionable data. McKinstry alleviates this risk through our unique facility condition assessment (FCA) approach. We bring expertise and accuracy in facilities design, construction, operations and maintenance to every FCA.

Air conditioning systems

Heating systems

Ventilation systems

Split, package and rooftop units

Heat pumps

VRF and VRV systems

Boilers, chillers and cooling towers

Forced air and hydronic distribution systems

HVAC/R systems

Refrigeration equipment

Plumbing and piping

Plumbing fixtures

Power and wiring systems

Branch circuit panel boards

Structured cabling systems

Emergency generation and distribution systems

Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)

Variable frequency drives (VFD)

Lighting and lighting controls

Audio visual systems


Network infrastructure

Building envelopes

Architectural features

New building construction

Existing building construction

Tenant improvements

Modular construction

Offsite prefabrication

Cross laminated timber (CLT)

Energy retrofits and improvements

Portfolio or campus

Shared energy EcoDistricts

Commercial office

State and local government


Life sciences

Data centers

Higher education

K-12 school districts



Energy savings performance contracting (ESPC)

Master service agreement

Professional services consulting

Qualification-based selection

On-call roster

Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS)

Design-build (DB)

For the Life of Your Building®

A Two-Step Process

Our approach, combining expertise with data, results in a robust and reliable determination of asset condition. The steps are:

  1. Qualitative assessment incorporates professional experience and first-hand knowledge on site.
  2. Quantitative assessment includes the capture of operations and maintenance, field data for all MEP equipment, architectural systems, site equipment and amenities, integration with industry data regarding equipment, facilities lifecycle and cost.
Take Action

To make data even more actionable, McKinstry provides an online interactive data visualization tool that gives decision makers the ability to navigate through their portfolio at an asset level and communicate goals and plans to stakeholders. The result is more than a report, it’s a tool that enables realistic, strategic decision-making and puts resources to their highest value.

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