Saving Money While Protecting The Planet

Through this program, our staff has developed, designed, and delivered biomass, solar, bio-fuel, geothermal and waste-to-energy projects for schools, public institutions, municipalities, healthcare facilities, and private entities.

Resources that are renewable, inexpensive, and local provide numerous economic and environmental benefits to communities. Overall air quality is improved by reducing airborne particulates and greenhouse gas emissions. Substantial revenue generated from renewable energy co-generation and bio-fuel plants can fund infrastructure improvements, create jobs, and provide sustainable economic development. In addition, renewable energy projects attract other subsidies, grants, and economic support, providing opportunities for integrated community partnerships. 

McKinstry is a powerful partner in renewables, delivering turn-key energy source solutions. Our designers use their expertise in the latest technologies to implement long-term energy solutions for your community or organization. 


  • Photovoltaics
  • Geothermal energy
  • Biomass and biogas
  • Wind generators
  • Low-impact hydro

Community Development Initiative

Through integrated community partnerships, McKinstry provides economic development and renewable energy solutions for facilities. Many communities – particularly rural ones – are faced with the harsh challenges of rising utility costs, aging facilities and infrastructure, recessed economies, high unemployment, shrinking tax rolls, and the loss of traditional industries and deteriorating facilities. McKinstry’s community development initiative strives to provide revenue generating projects based on renewable energy sources, such as biomass co-generation, bio-fuel, and waste-to-energy generating technologies that provide jobs and revenue. McKinstry is prepared to have a direct stake in the operation, performance, and long-term success of these projects. By combining both supply-side (generation) and demand-side (conservation and efficacy of use) strategies, McKinstry can assist communities in their long-term energy management, infrastructure improvement, and economic development. By using regionally available energy resources (biomass, wind, geothermal, feedstock, etc.), communities not only generate revenue and jobs, but also a sense of unity and pride. Last but not least, communities can begin to take control of the well-being of their energy portfolio, economy, and infrastructure.

Performance-Based Design & Delivery

McKinstry is committed to public/private partnerships where we share in the risk as well as the reward. We stand behind the performance of our projects. Our performance-based design-build approach provides turn-key design and delivery while including distinctive project and facility performance benchmarks that guarantee a particular project’s performance through verification metrics. Each project must include a comprehensive life-cycle performance or Total Cost of Ownership analysis that substantiates the ability of specific equipment, designs, or systems to lower costs over time. At McKinstry, performance-based design-build means we are strictly vendor, equipment, design, and fuel source neutral, never bringing pre-conceived biases to a project. As the prime design-build contractor, we make decisions using an integrated design and delivery process in close collaboration with the owner to ensure the best solution is ultimately implemented.


  • Reduced impact to the environment
  • Design, fuel, and vendor neutral
  • Provides economic and infrastructure development


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McKinstry is a powerful partner in renewables, delivering turn-key energy source solutions. We implement long-term energy solutions for your community or organization. View projects >

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