A transformative approach to take control of your building operations.

A Transformative Approach that Puts You Back in Control

ActiveOps meets the increasingly complex needs of the built world, giving you what’s needed to carry out your operating vision through informed and durable decisions that result in high-performing buildings and enabled facilities teams, engaged occupants, satisfied communities and successful long-term fiscal planning.

Active asset management

Active energy management (AEM)

Active workflow management

Data acquisition deployment throughout facilities

Facility condition assessments (FCAs)

Asset inventories

Capital planning

Facility cost containment

Energy auditing and benchmarking

Master systems integration (MSI)


Proactive technology and dashboarding

powerED occupant engagement programs

Transition to sustainable operations (TSO)

Operations and maintenance (O&M) optimization

Building information management

KPI setting and tracking

Measurement and verification (M&V)

Client training and capacity building

Utility rebates and incentives

Warranty services

Software as a service

Zero-carbon and zero-energy services

K-12 school districts

Higher education

State and local government

Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS)

Energy savings performance contracting (ESPC)

Master service agreement

Professional services consulting

Qualification-based selection

For the Life of Your Building®

Outcomes-Based Building Performance and Resource Planning

You have a vision for your operations and need more than a single service or technology solution to bring it to life. Our team of experts will quickly develop a deep understanding of the complex and unique problems you face. We’ll implement tools, processes and innovative systems to expand your team’s capabilities and leverage technology to give you a view of ongoing building performance so you can more proactively plan and deploy resources while keeping the most critical outcomes front of mind, measured and managed. 

Collaborative, PeopleFirst Approach

We know that the best outcomes happen when we partner with your team, not try to replace them. We’ll engage with your team every step of the way, blending their institutional knowledge with our systems expertise to achieve results that let you successfully take control of your facility operations.

Shared Risk, Shared Reward

Failure is not an option. Your institution’s well-being depends on successfully managing your buildings. We’ll assess your situation, develop an agile pilot program to meet your needs and back it up with aligned incentives.

We understand transformation takes vision and the courage to leap. We’re so confident we can deliver that our contract will reflect shared risk and reward. If you don’t win, we don’t win.

Bringing Your Vision to Life

ActiveOps delivers the outcomes and results you need. You’ll feel truly in charge of your operations, leaving the stress and frustrations of reactive operations behind. We provide you:

  • Confidence knowing your building is not a liability, planning processes are efficient, buildings are performing as designed, carbon goals are on track, trusted partnerships are in place and the outcomes you deem most important are being measured and managed.​
  • Control as you deal with a rapidly changing market, delivering knowledge transfer across the labor force, evaluating new technologies, staying competitive and ahead of your peers and managing to increased regulatory, carbon and occupant pressures.
  • Peace of mind knowing you’ve implemented solutions that promote the safety and wellbeing of the people you serve.​

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