Transition to Sustainable Operations®

Bridging the divide from construction to operations and setting up buildings to run at four-times lower cost.

Your Advocate During Project Transitions

McKinstry is your operations advocate. We will guarantee proactive, operational performance in the first three years of your building. The Transition to Sustainable Operations (TSO) starts at design and carries through the first three years of occupancy. TSO ensures optimal building performance by developing and deploying best-in-class operational practices. We empower your operations team to take control of new and renovated facilities through proven controls, training and technical support.


Construction accounts for only 13% of total building costs over 40 years.


Less than 5% of buildings are turned over fully operational.


Active energy management (AEM)

Operational procedures

CMMS selection and implementation

Performance guarantees

Long-term capital planning


Operations savings


Asset tagging

Remote monitoring


Testing and balancing (TAB)


Utility rebates and incentives


Improved vendor performance

Quantified operational costs and savings

Accurate staff planning


Proactive maintenance setup

Asset preservation


Integrated energy and asset performance

Live dashboarding


Higher education

K-12 education





Critical environments

Commercial office

For the Life of Your Building®

Turnover is an Opportunity

Gaps form when a building transitions from one stage to another. Information is often lost in the shuffle and critical roles and responsibilities go unfulfilled. This ultimately leads to a reactive mindset from the very beginning of a building’s life. We flip that scenario and position transition as an opportunity to take responsibility, manage change and provide a balance of technology and technical expertise to move from the reactive current state to an ideal future state – one without waste.

Built to Last

With the right influence at the beginning of occupancy, buildings can perform at their intended peak for decades to come. Having your documentation, processes, technology and staffing professionally and accurately deployed will save more than four times the annual operations cost of a non-transitioned building.

Commitment Required

The key to successful transition is partnership. A change from status quo to operational excellence requires leadership and guidance backed by the experience and capability needed to successfully deploy a technical plan on day one.

With a breadth of expertise in delivering, owning, maintaining and commissioning buildings, McKinstry is uniquely qualified to serve as your trusted partner across the spectrum on all complex system transitions.

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