Active Energy Management

A scaled solution for portfolio energy management and real-time building commissioning.

Data + Commissioning for Superior Performance

Active energy management (AEM) is more than just software. It combines the industry’s latest commissioning practices with real time data analytics to deliver the building performance you need and deserve. Our commissioning engineers and digital building teams deploy advanced energy analytics and 24/7/365 monitoring that produces durable energy savings.


Square feet under active energy management.


Kilowatt hours saved by AEM each year.

women in safety gear checking building performance on laptiop

24/7/365 real-time monitoring

On-site system commissioning

Root cause analysis

Continuous building performance tracking

Data visualization


Transparent key performance indicators

Automated equipment schedules

Advanced analytics and machine learning

Hands on problem solving and deployment


Off-hours testing

Integrated system testing

Enhanced construction close-out process



Cloud-based platform, accessible via web browser

Single pane of glass dashboard with advanced data visualization

Configure sections and access to meet specific user needs


Quickly prioritize building portfolio with different performance metrics

Analyze how buildings are performing this month, last year or a custom date range

Track ROI and cost savings against adjusted baseline energy use and cost


Integrated analysis

Powerful fault detection

​​​​​​​Scheduling capabilities

For the Life of Your Building®

Optimized Facilities Management

AEM delivers an energy management program that enables you to optimize your building equipment and give your engineers the right information at the right time. It allows your staff to focus on reducing operational and energy costs across your portfolio. AEM creates real results with energy monitoring, fault detection-diagnostics and automated system optimizations.

More than Just Software

McKinstry engineers understand the many challenges you face in today’s built world, from limited staff resources, aging equipment, increased building complexity and increased customer requirements. AEM couples best-in-class engineering with best-in-class technology to meet your unique building needs.

Data Meets People

McKinstry’s approach to data and technology is unique. With a streamlined data acquisition process and automated data mapping engine, our engineers can quickly produce durable results at half the cost of traditional commissioning companies. And, unlike software companies that just monitor information, we can translate all of that data into action to drive results that we stand behind.

Reveal™, Making the Invisible Visible

McKinstry uses Reveal to bring building data to life. Reveal is a cloud-based facility management technology for building performance optimization. The platform integrates data from historically siloed data sources to drive efficient and effective building performance through powerful data visualizations. It integrates utility bills, building meter data, building automation system data, building asset inventories, renewable energy generation and weather data to give your team a complete view of facilities so they can make sound management decisions.

“We had to move past ‘data drowning’ and get to a point where we collect and sort the critical information in real time. This program allows us to make informed decisions and then see, understand and monetize the results of those actions.”

— Chris Kopach, Associate Vice President, University of Arizona

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