Engage your occupants to maximize energy savings potential.

The Keys to Success and Sustained Outcomes

Technology can only take your efficiency efforts so far. Occupant behaviors and plug loads are the biggest factor in managing building energy loads. Engage and educate your occupants to enhance building performance at every step.

$ M

Saved energy costs generated for powerED clients since 2010.


Saved kBtu generated for powerED clients since 2010.


Occupant engagement

Student education programs


Energy savings gamification

Energy, resource and cost tracking


K-12 school districts

Higher education

State and local government


Energy savings performance contracting (ESPC)

Master service agreement


Professional services consulting

Qualification-based selection


On-call roster

Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS)

powerED: It’s About People
powerED: It’s About People

For the Life of Your Building®

People, Power, Planet

powerED combines people, power and planet modules to provide the knowledge, tools, inspiration and support needed to mobilize occupants to adopt new energy consumption habits. The behavior-focused energy awareness and operational efficiency program is designed to reduce costs, increase efficiency and promote environmentally friendly operations within your facilities. The program encourages active participation from staff, careful tracking of resources and attention to efficient operations. Our goal is to work with you to drive new behaviors that save energy and money.

The powerED Program

powerED is a behavioral awareness and engagement program focused on resource conservation.

  1. People: drive energy savings through engagement campaigns
  2. Process: data-driven ongoing commissioning
  3. Performance: track progress through our online dashboard, Reveal™

The program fosters leadership and responsibility around efficient use of resources. Our experience and client results show that adopting a culture of occupant engagement helps achieve substantial, quantifiable financial results. In every building, there is opportunity to save energy – and everyone plays a role in minimizing environmental impact.

Enabled Occupants

Focusing only on capital upgrades and optimized operations misses a huge part of the energy savings equation. Adopting an occupant behavior program adds the vital “people” component to maximize energy conservation and drive better financial results. Results that are tangible, visible and easily reported show where and how you are cutting waste and avoiding cost in your buildings.

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