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Operating buildings during the Covid-19 pandemic is full of uncertainty. Sudden shutdowns followed by months of no-to-low occupancy have thrown systems out of balance. Even buildings that have remained operational need to be tuned to minimize the spread of airborne and waterborne threats.

McKinstry delivers confidence whether your intent is a temporary shutdown or a return to full re-occupancy.

System Protection in No-to-Low Occupancy

Buildings cannot operate at no-to-low occupancy for prolonged periods. Mechanical systems lose efficiency. Pipes and plumbing fixtures corrode. Dangerous bacteria, including legionella, builds up.

McKinstry experts will safeguard health and safety, mitigate system degradation and avoid unnecessary operating and energy costs.

Return to Occupancy with Confidence

Returning to occupancy requires specific procedures to ensure the health and safety of all occupants. Building occupants must also be reassured that adequate safety measures are in place.

McKinstry experts will assess your building to create a custom action plan that will reassure occupants and allow everyone to return to your facility with confidence.



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No-to-low occupancy tips

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McKinstry’s blog, Spark, is designed to share our ideas, projects and people. Find expert advice on how to ready your systems and facilities as you prepare to bring your occupants back to work:

Service Operations Manager Larry Mayotte has practical advice for ensuring safe and healthy water systems so employees can return to work with confidence.

Vice President of Engineering and Design Michael Frank shares his expert view on how building owners and operators can bring HVAC systems back online safely. 

Webinar Series: Return With Confidence

Watch McKinstry experts as they present best practices and top considerations for the safe return to K-12, Higher Education or Commercial Office facilities during these three recorded webinar sessions:

K-12 Return with Confidence Recorded Webinar Session – hosted live June 23, 2020

Higher Ed Return with Confidence Recorded Webinar Session – hosted live June 24, 2020

Commercial Office Return with Confidence Recorded Webinar Session – hosted live June 25, 2020


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