Our legacy won’t be built on what we do in good times, rather how we react in hard and challenging times. We need to be smart, bold and demonstrate our commitment to impact. We are building a legacy we can be proud of, and together, we will go far.

-Dean Allen, CEO, McKinstry


Our Calls to Action

McKinstry’s path to 2025 relentlessly pursues impact. We will lead transformation in our industry and innovate the climate harm out of the built environment.


— The first wave on consequences from climate change are here now. Without immediate action, these impacts will escalate to a point of no return by 2030. We must act quickly and directly.

— Rising costs in the built environment are culminating in an affordability crisis that is unnecessary, unacceptable and limits the investment needed to balance the natural and built environment.

— Systemic inequity and racism are embedded in nearly every aspect of our society, with those who have the least poised to suffer the most from the crises we face.

The world needs bold action to solve these monumental problems. McKinstry is well-suited to address these challenges, and we believe it is our responsibility to lead the way.

Our Aspiration

To lead a transformation in our industry and innovate the waste and climate harm out of the built environment.

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— We will be an exemplar; our best ideas will be shared with the world and replicated by others.

— We will be at the front edge of invention, tackling the waste that plagues the built environment and charting the course for a zero-carbon future.

— We will advance equity and social justice internally and across our industry, focusing on efforts to create greater opportunity for historically marginalized groups and communities.

— We will empower our people to solve the biggest, most important problems that we can affect in our society and earn trusted partnerships that stand the test of time.

Our Framework for a Zero-Carbon Future

 “Modernizing infrastructure so that it is in better balance with the natural environment must happen within the next decade and a targeted zero-carbon investment and action in the built environment will lift up every community across the U.S.  We must act with urgency and make the most of this once-in-a-generation opportunity.”

– Dean Allen, CEO, McKinstry

McKinstry’s recommendations for the Biden administration’s Build Back Better jobs and recovery plan:

Read Dean Allen’s letter to the Biden administration here.

Stories of Impact

Our people are at the heart of what we do. Hear them speak about our calls to action, our aspirations and how we are building our legacy.

Thinking differently about the climate crisis and the built environment

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