Zero Carbon Plus a Better Building Without Compromise.

Zero Carbon Plus a Better Building

Innovating the waste and climate harm out of the built environment is embedded in all that we do. Whether you are executing new construction, major retrofits or building an ongoing path to zero, we commit to your zero-carbon aspiration and create a tangible path forward to reach your goal. We firmly believe that zero carbon should never compromise your core mission or operational standards.


Engineering and design

Energy modeling and resiliency planning

Master utility planning

Solar photovoltaics (PV) + Renewables

Solar + storage

Distributed generation

Community solar

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system

Lighting and lighting controls


Thermal energy storage systems

Electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure

Geothermal energy

Energy resiliency planning

Electrification and decarbonatization

Portfolio and campus energy planning

Battery energy storage systems

Utility interconnection and net metering planning

Land acquisition and development


Finance strategy and facilitation

Utility grants, rebates and incentives

Strategic purchasing


Large ground mount systems

Occupant Engagement



Commercial and Industrial

New building construction


Existing building construction

Portfolio or campus


Higher education


Commercial office

State and local government

Data centers


Airports and transportation

Shared-energy EcoDistricts

Life sciences


Energy-as-a-service (EaaS)

Design-build (DB)

Energy savings performance contracting (ESPC)

Engineer, procure, construct (EPC)


Power purchase agreements (PPAs)

Professional services consulting

Progressive design-build

Qualification-based selection


New building construction

Shared energy EcoDistricts

Zero+ is your zero-carbon pathway. Our Zero+ commitment ensures that getting to zero is achievable, affordable and as easy as possible.

For the Life of Your Building®

  • Zero carbon PLUS certainty. Gone are the days of paralysis by analysis and your choice is made easy with the Zero+ commitment. We work alongside your team to map, forecast and plan every detail to remove any uncertainty; your zero-carbon aspiration is realistic and obtainable. ​

  • Zero carbon PLUS occupant wellness, comfort and safety. Your core mission is our priority. Zero carbon improves building occupant wellness, comfort and performance with healthy indoor air quality, optimum lighting and other high-performing system strategies. ​

  • Zero carbon PLUS building performance.With Zero+, efficiency goes up and energy costs go down, leaving you with facilities that are easy to operate and maintain. ​ We design for long-term building performance and ongoing measurement and verification ensures your building is high performing for decades to come.

  • Zero carbon PLUS compliance. A Zero+ future guarantees compliance now and into the future by accounting for evolving energy code and policy mandates. We guarantee that your building will meet all known future code cycles and policy mandates.​

  • Zero carbon PLUS community engagement. You want to do right by your community; let us help. Our Zero+ commitment includes community outreach to ensure your community is aware of and engaged in your zero-carbon journey.​

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