Fire Protection

Confidence in your fire and life safety systems.

Fire Protection Systems Working in Harmony

A well-designed and properly maintained fire and life safety system make all the difference during an emergency. Preventing significant building damage or loss of life from fire in commercial, residential, healthcare or institutional facility requires more than a few sprinkler heads. We’ve been delivering fire protection and sprinkler solutions for more than 30 years. Our comprehensive expertise and experience ensure all of fire sprinkler systems work in harmony.

Pre-action systems

Dry sprinkler systems

Wet sprinkler systems

Deluge systems


FM 200 and other gas systems

Underground supply

Water storage tanks

Fire suppression

Fire pumps

Fire department connections

Air compressors

Rack storage systems


Foam systems

Anechoic chambers

Fire hydrants

Sprinkler design services

Fire sprinkler permitting

Fire sprinkler inspections

Confidence testing


Equipment acceptance testing


Sprinkler head sample testing

Seismic bracing

Existing building construction

New building construction

Tenant improvements

Commercial and industrial

Multifamily residential

Hi-rise and mixed use


Data centers


Life sciences


For the Life of Your Building®

A Proven Track Record

We design, install and validate fire protection systems for the most complex projects — those that demand careful space considerations, thorough cross-trade coordination and accelerated installations. As one of the top fire protection contractors, we employ a highly qualified team of NICET-certified sprinkler fitters, designers, project managers and service technicians to focus on your needs for the life of your building.

Optimizing and Simplifying

McKinstry’s design teams invest the time needed to optimize the system for easy and simplified field installation. Detailed fabrication lists are reviewed and submitted to local fabricators for just-in-time delivery. Each order has unique identification numbers for tracking project status. Our construction teams work seamlessly onsite with general contractors and other trades to install systems efficiently, while maintaining McKinstry’s rigorous commitment to safety.

We Take Responsibility

Regular system inspection and maintenance by dedicated fire and life safety experts ensures that life safety infrastructure is ready to perform as designed in the event of an emergency. McKinstry’s fire protection team performs regular maintenance, inspections and testing of facility life safety systems leveraging our in-house field technicians and 24/7 mobile service response.

Did You Know?

Our expertise includes wet, dry and pre-action systems and NFPA 13 and 25 certification covering 3-, 5-, 10- and 20-year testing requirements.  

Per NFPA 25 4.1.1: Responsibility for inspection, testing, maintenance and impairment. The property owner or designated representative shall be responsible for properly maintaining a water-based fire protection system. 

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