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  • Verizon And Urbanova Work With The City of Spokane to Create a Smarter, More Sustainable and More Connected Place to Live
October 18, 2018

Verizon And Urbanova Work With The City of Spokane to Create a Smarter, More Sustainable and More Connected Place to Live

Verizon And Urbanova Work With The City of Spokane to Create a Smarter, More Sustainable and More Connected Place to Live

NEW YORK (Oct. 18, 2018)— Verizon and Urbanova, in collaboration with the City of Spokane, Washington have formed an agreement to partner on developing scalable technology solutions aimed at creating a smarter, safer, more connected place to live. Verizon, Urbanova, the organization dedicated to finding new ways to enhance communities, and the city will partner initially on smart community solutions that directly impact public safety, traffic congestion and parking within Spokane’s University District.

Verizon will work with Urbanova partners such as the city, Itron, Avista and Washington State University (WSU) to bring its Smart Communities solutions to bear in support of ongoing projects, including connected streetlights, grid resiliency and air quality-human health research, along with new initiatives to be developed together with the larger Urbanova ecosystem. Urbanova and Verizon share a commitment to find ways to improve the economic, social and environmental equity and resilience in communities like Spokane.

“We’re excited to welcome Verizon as a partner with Urbanova in Spokane,” said Spokane Mayor David Condon. “Verizon already knows our community as one of our major network service providers. Now, they will share their expertise around new technology applications and data delivery as our community seeks out advanced ways to serve Spokane’s citizens into the future. This is another important step forward as we seek solutions that lead to healthier citizens, safer neighborhoods, smarter infrastructure, and a more sustainable environment.”

Verizon’s Smart Communities solutions, deployed in over 50 cities across the U.S., are designed to foster growth and opportunity within communities while minimizing risk and cost for municipalities. The partnership with Urbanova and the City of Spokane is designed to bolster private-sector investment, community and educational services, technology – like smart parking, smart street lights and smart safety solutions, along with implementation expertise and streamlined permitting processes to install this technology efficiently.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Urbanova, the City of Spokane and Mayor Condon to bring technology advancements that will help to improve the lives of citizens today and set the city up to lead for tomorrow,” said Mrinalini (Lani) Ingram, Vice President of Smart Communities at Verizon. “It’s not just about smart technology, connectivity or applications; it starts with a focus on the people. We’re looking forward to working hand in hand to understand the needs of the community and together, develop solutions that bolster the economy and improve the lives of the people that live and work in the area.”

“Verizon is an excellent addition to Urbanova’s category leading partners, including Itron, Avista, Gallup, the City of Spokane, McKinstry, Washington State University and The University District Development Association. With Verizon at the table, we will have even more insight as our growing consortium tackles the challenge of putting—and keeping—people at the focal point of improving life in neighborhoods. Verizon’s Smart Communities solutions will give Urbanova access to tools that help people find better ways to solve problems,” said Kim Zentz, Chief Executive Officer of Urbanova.

About Verizon

Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE, Nasdaq: VZ), headquartered in New York City, generated $126 billion in 2017 revenues. The company operates America’s most reliable wireless network and the nation’s premier all-fiber network, and delivers integrated solutions to businesses worldwide. Its Oath subsidiary reaches people around the world with a dynamic house of media and technology brands.

About The City of Spokane

The City of Spokane, home to more than 210,000 people, is located in the heart of the Inland Northwest. Our 2,000 employees strive to deliver efficient and effective services that facilitate economic opportunity and enhance the quality of life for all our citizens. For more information, visit www.spokanecity.org and follow us @spokanecity on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

About Urbanova

Urbanova leverages the vibrant urban advantages of Spokane, Washington to find new ways to make communities better for people. Spokane’s downtown University District is the living laboratory for scalable, replicable projects that harness data to gain insights, empower people and solve urban challenges in new ways—all with the goal of enabling healthier citizens, safer neighborhoods, smarter infrastructure, a more sustainable environment and a stronger economy.

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