The Building Commissioning Association Recognizes the 20 Under 40 Recipients

Congratulations to McKinstry recipients! Learn more about them below.

SEATTLE, Wash. (Sept. 15, 2022) -Offering optimized operations For the Life of Your Building, the commissioning team assists clients in perfecting building performance at every stage. McKinstry is proud to honor and celebrate the hard work of five individuals in the commissioning space.

Recently awarded the nomination-based 20 Under 40 Program recognition by the Building Commissioning Association, McKinstry proudly congratulates Justin Gibides, Adam Hartman, James Johnson, William McCary and Cody Murdock for their exemplary work in the field of building commissioning. Awarded annually, the 20 Under 40 Program recognizes professionals who not only exemplify the use of best practices and innovation to make commissioning “business as usual”, but also serve as industry leaders through advocacy, volunteerism, training and education. These five individuals were nominated by trusted McKinstry colleagues and individually reviewed and selected by the Building Commissioning Association’s Awards Committee.

Read on to learn more about these individuals and their inspiring work in commissioning (Cx), plus hear a few insights from the winners themselves!

Justin Gibides:

After just two years at McKinstry, Justin has become a leader by example in training and promoting building commissioning best practices. In partnership with a colleague, Justin organized and facilitated a team-wide multi-day new construction Cx training event, where his team of 12 energy engineering and commissioning professionals learned how to best apply commissioning initiatives to drive building efficiency and implement processes that can be adopted as “business as usual” approaches to commissioning.

Adam Hartman:

With a five-year tenure at McKinstry, Adam has continually demonstrated leadership and innovation. An integral player in the testing and selection process for new Cx software, Adam was not only appointed the region-wide leader for the software rollout but consistently provided training and hands-on support to the team throughout the process.

Speaking to McKinstry’s support in his Cx role Hartman said, “The McKinstry team is one-of-a-kind. I have had the opportunity to work with team members across multiple McKinstry regions that have provided training and mentorship for me to best help our clients and make the built environment more sustainable.”

James Johnson:

During his time at McKinstry, James’ primary focus has been building efficiencies. He regularly spearheads efforts to improve our Cx processes, has developed internal Cx training courses and has led on the identification and justification for the implementation of a new tool – the hand-held thermal imaging camera. James also serves on the software selection and rollout team alongside Adam Hartman and Cody Murdock. In addition to innovating building efficiencies, he volunteers his time on the STEM mentorship collaboration with Jefferson County, a program that promotes energy efficiency, including building occupant engagement and education.

William McCary:

A building energy engineer in the south region, William participated earlier this year in a presentation, along with the technical services business development team, at the annual Texas Energy Managers Association Conference. In partnership with colleagues, William shared lessons learned and project information covering ASHRAE Guideline 36 (High-Performance Sequences of Operation for HVAC Systems), garnering positive feedback from public school staff, building automation contractors and fellow engineering firms. Outside of his commitment to advocacy and education, William has also executed impactful innovations to internal tools including modeling spreadsheets and energy-saving calculators that streamline processes and address internal training gaps.

Cody Murdock:

Formerly a pulp mill supervisor, Cody arrived at McKinstry over two years ago with little to no relevant HVAC and Cx experience. However, thanks to his dedication to learning and natural cross-functional communication abilities, Cody has contributed to several large-scale LEED projects while also adapting and optimizing internal tools to bulk generate project-wide pre-start checklists that deliver efficiencies and save time. Thanks to Cody’s adaptability in the field, he was selected alongside Adam Hartman and others as a lead for the Cx software selection and rollout.

On the honor of receiving the award Murdock shared, “Receiving this award is very humbling and gratifying. I shifted careers three years ago and took on the challenge of gaining the knowledge and skill set to help keep McKinstry at the top of commissioning in our area. I feel that this award says a lot about the team and leadership that supports me and has given me the tools to be successful.”

McKinstry is honored to celebrate these commissioning professionals and will continue to bolster commissioning efforts through cross-regional collaboration and on-going educational opportunities with our partner, the Building Commissioning Association.

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