June 09, 2022

Owning Safety at McKinstry

Refocusing on our commitment during National Safety Month

At McKinstry, Safety is more than a priority ― it’s a core value to ensure every person goes home unharmed. Priorities change based on the situations or conditions, but our values remain a constant that guides us in our everyday actions and decisions. We are committed to the safety of all our staff and union employees and take responsibility for owning safety in partnership with each of our employees.

As we enter National Safety Month, we are focused on our commitment to owning safety, regardless of where our employees work. From jobsites and offices across the country to our local fabrication shops and client sites, our goal is to ensure all employees understand and are empowered to act on our four safety pillars.

As the start of an increasingly busy time in the field, June is an ideal opportunity to refocus on safety. As part of this effort, our safety team will be sharing resources and practical advice to reduce risks and prevent injuries with employees as well as on our social media channels including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

We are also encouraging employees to complete a safety pledge to share their personal reason behind why they are owning safety. By sharing these pledges, we have a constant reminder of why we are working to keep one another safe. I’ve included mine as an example below.

We all have a role to play in keeping each other safe, and we need every single person to own safety ― for yourself and those around you. This month let’s take collective action around showing our commitment to safety.

Be safe,

Joseph Hagar

President and Chief Financial Officer

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