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October 23, 2018

McKinstry’s InfoCentre Solution Now Available Through WSIPC Purchasing Program

McKinstry’s InfoCentre Solution Now Available Through WSIPC Purchasing Program

Offering InfoCentre via WSIPC delivers great value and benefit to K-12 school districts.

SEATTLE (Oct. 23, 2018) — As students and teachers return to their classrooms across the Pacific Northwest, the hard work of managing facilities begins anew for school staff. Districts across Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Alaska now have a new partnership option for optimizing facility operations: McKinstry’s InfoCentre solution, newly available through WSIPC’s Purchasing Program.

InfoCentre (powered by McKinstry) is a web-based facility data management technology, backed by a Knowledge Response Center (KRC)—McKinstry’s 24x7x365 call center staffed by dedicated and trained facility specialists who receive, distribute, track and follow up on every issue.

InfoCentre combines service and technology to translate operational data into knowledge and action that delivers results. Similar to the WSIPC financial and student information platforms, districts will have the opportunity to partner and maximize McKinstry’s InfoCentre facility management platform, experience and services.

Since adopting InfoCentre, existing K-12 InfoCentre clients in Washington—such as WSIPC Cooperative district Lake Washington—have experienced smoothly-run facilities with less downtime, increased staff satisfaction and significant energy and operational savings. WSIPC’s site has more information on McKinstry’s work with Lake Washington School District.

“McKinstry has proven to be a valuable strategic partner for our Support Services team,” said Brian Buck, associate director of Support Services for Lake Washington. “Whether we’re coordinating operations, collecting data or saving energy, McKinstry’s InfoCentre solution helps align our services to provide seamless, efficient and effective support to our staff and students.”

Northshore School District and Central Valley School District are also K-12 InfoCentre clients in Washington. Click here to see more information on McKinstry’s work with Northshore.

WSIPC is a public non-profit cooperative that provides K-12 public and private schools with various services. WSIPC serves schools throughout the northwest in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Alaska—providing benefits to nine Educational Service Districts, 280 school districts and nearly 730,000 students in more than 1,500 schools.

About McKinstry

McKinstry is a national leader in designing, constructing, operating and maintaining high-performing buildings. From new construction and ongoing operations to adaptive reuse and energy retrofits, the company provides a single point of accountability across the entire building lifecycle. McKinstry focuses on people and outcomes to ensure the built environment serves owners, operators and occupants alike. McKinstry is your trusted partner for the life of your building.

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