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July 24, 2017

Kilgore College Hires McKinstry To Identify Major Energy Savings Opportunities

Kilgore College Hires McKinstry To Identify Major Energy Savings Opportunities

College teams with energy experts to help cut costs with board-approved facility upgrades

KILGORE, Texas (July 24, 2017) – Kilgore College has announced it is teaming with McKinstry Essention LLC, a national firm specializing in design, construction and energy services, to conduct a complete campus energy infrastructure audit and identify opportunities to save money.

The McKinstry experts will analyze all assets across college facilities, including indoor and outdoor lighting systems, HVAC and water-consuming systems, building envelope areas such as windows and roofs as well as all other energy consuming systems to determine where the greatest opportunity for energy savings lies.

Kilgore College (KC) is a two-year community college located in Kilgore, Texas, approximately 120 miles east of Dallas and 70 miles west of Shreveport, La. The KC Board of Trustees unanimously approved the collaboration on June 26 after hearing presentations from McKinstry.

“After McKinstry’s presentation, the board knew this was the right course of action for the college to pursue,” said Dr. Brenda Kays, KC president. “The improvements McKinstry will provide to our campuses will have a direct effect on our students, faculty and staff. I applaud our board for having such foresight and forward-thinking vision.”

According to Kays, the ultimate goal of the project is to reduce energy and operating expenses and reinvest those funds to address deferred maintenance and enhance the student experience.

“This audit and the resulting upgrades will not only help our college better utilize existing budget dollars, but will also provide a more comfortable and attractive learning environment for everyone at Kilgore College,” Kays said. “We will be able to reallocate those existing funds in other ways that benefit our students – the heart of our campuses.”

After performing a thorough analysis of college facilities, McKinstry will develop a plan to implement facility upgrades that generate guaranteed savings.

“We realize that budgets in higher education are extremely tight right now, which is one of the many reasons we are proud to offer a savings guarantee and budget-neutral solutions as a part of our services,” said Michael Grabham, regional director for McKinstry. “We’re looking forward to rolling up our sleeves and partnering with Kilgore College as it continues to set a standard of excellence for community colleges across the country.”

McKinstry has a long-standing history of hiring military veterans and plans to hire KC graduates who are veterans to work on this project.

It is looking for graduates from KC programs such as process technology, instrumentation and electrical technology, industrial maintenance, welding technology, HVAC and refrigeration technology and/or occupational, safety and health technology.

About McKinstry

McKinstry is a full-service, design-build-operate-and-maintain (DBOM) firm specializing in consulting, construction, energy and facility services. The firm’s innovative, integrated delivery methodology provides clients with a single point of accountability that drives waste and redundancy out of the design/build process. With professional staff and trades people throughout the United States and operations in more than 15 states, McKinstry advocates collaborative, sustainable solutions designed to ensure occupant comfort, improve systems efficiency, reduce facility operational costs and optimize profitability “For The Life of Your Building.”

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