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March 14, 2017

Bloomfield R-14 School District Upgrades to LED Lighting

Bloomfield R-14 School District Upgrades to LED Lighting

New lights throughout the district will reduce operating expenses and improve light quality in classrooms

BLOOMFIELD, Mo. (March 13, 2017) – McKinstry, a national leader in designing, constructing, operating and managing high-performance buildings, announced that new LED lighting at the Bloomfield R-14 School District is projected to save $12,880 annually while improving the school’s learning environment.

Funding for the project came in part from the Department of Economic Development’s Low Interest Energy Revolving Fund. This program offers low-interest loans for qualifying energy efficiency retrofit projects. The project also qualified for $11,000 in utility rebates.

“Our new lights are a huge improvement,” said Toni Hill, superintendent of schools for the Bloomfield R-14 School District. “The LED fixtures will use less energy and last longer before needing to be replaced, and the light quality is more consistent across all of our classrooms.”

As the qualified provider selected by the Bloomfield R-14 School District for the project, McKinstry designed and implemented each stage of the lighting retrofit.

“These improvements not only help Bloomfield R-14 School District stretch its energy dollars, but will provide better lighting for all students in their classrooms,” said Joel Gundelfinger, business development manager at McKinstry “We’re proud to partner with the district as they invest in the long-term health of their schools.”

Energy and utility costs generally account for 20 to 40 percent of a school’s maintenance and operations budget, and can be much higher if equipment is beyond its useful life. According to a recent U.S. Green Building Council report, factors like quality lighting “affect the stress levels, health and well-being of occupants in schools,” and can influence student achievement.

About McKinstry

McKinstry is a full-service, design-build-operate-and-maintain (DBOM) firm specializing in consulting, construction, energy and facility services. The firm’s innovative, integrated delivery methodology provides clients with a single point of accountability that drives waste and redundancy out of the design/build process. With over 1,600 professional staff and trades people throughout the United States and operations in more than 15 states, McKinstry advocates collaborative, sustainable solutions designed to ensure occupant comfort, improve systems efficiency, reduce facility operational costs, and optimize profitability “For The Life of Your Building.” For more information, visit www.www.mckinstry.com.

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