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May 04, 2022

Alterra Mountain Company Connects with McKinstry to Amplify Impact

Driven by similar values, an upcoming project provides an opportunity to collaborate and focus on sustainability

The call to improve sustainability and implement solutions that lead to a zero-carbon future is being heard across industries. For the leaders behind some of the largest ski and recreation experiences, protecting outdoor spaces our communities value is paramount.

McKinstry is honored to partner with Alterra Mountain Company, a fellow environmental steward and ski industry leader that shares a powerful commitment to eliminating waste and improving the built environment.

Alterra selected McKinstry to perform portfolio-wide energy audits and deliver greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventories. By measuring baseline energy use in their facilities, a clear picture of their current environmental impact will emerge. The data creates a framework for the next steps in identifying and deploying impactful solutions across their business. These updates will deliver improved operational efficiency and reduce GHG emissions.

Alterra, like McKinstry, is rooted in collective action to create a healthier planet for future generations. They are one of four major ski industry leaders to join the Climate Collaborative Charter. Signatories have committed to reducing waste and energy use, pursuing renewable solutions, advocating for more impactful public policy that promotes renewable energy, being responsible environmental stewards and sharing best practices to accelerate change across the industry.

Beyond work that supports sustainability, Alterra and McKinstry are also committed to efforts to advance corporate social responsibility including diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. Uniting with partners who share the same values emboldens the actions that will make a positive difference in our communities and help better preserve the environments we live, work and play in.

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