Certainty for critical and acute care hospitals, medical office buildings and clinics.

Healthcare facilities face any number of challenges from infectious disease control to maintaining 24×7 uptime to integrating technologies that enhance patient experiences and foster their wellness. Facilities even play a critical role in cost reimbursement.

Keeping pace with the demands of patients and staff, as well as maintaining compliance in a fluctuating regulatory landscape, has driven up the cost to operate healthcare facilities. This is an environment where our total cost of ownership (TCO) mindset is best utilized.

>Outcomes aligned to your mission.

Our expertise, tools and approaches support critical access to hospitals, neighborhood clinics and medical office real estate investment trusts (REITs) evaluate where limited capital is best put to use to drive down long-term operating costs. Our critical environments team supports capital projects and facility teams working together to tailor projects that drive sustaining outcomes aligned to your mission.

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