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Investing in Our Planet: It’s a Necessity, Not an Option

By Joseph Hagar | President, Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer

As April has come to a close, with its robust global conversation about the challenges we face and the celebration of those taking action to change the status quo, I am optimistic that the voices so vocal these last 30 days keep the narrative going. It is on Earth Day we are reminded of our responsibility to come together and use our problem-solving skills, innovative prowess and constant curiosity to change communities around the world. But the work goes beyond one month.

There is a rebalance taking place in business, communities, education and beyond. This evolution features a shift by people everywhere to recognize we are all responsible for building healthy environments, indoors and out. There is a shift in expectations and the bar is moving up quickly. More and more, we are embracing the notion we all have a role to play and we all must work together to ensure a healthy future for our planet and people.

I see leaders throughout our country getting busy transforming their own environments. Our partners in K-12 education, municipal and local government entities, healthcare and higher education – who perhaps have the most barriers to tackle to achieve success – are getting it done. They have recognized it is time to act and are rebalancing and revisioning their organizations and their place in our communities.

The time is now to work together to explore impactful actions and opportunities to collaborate for change. Let’s work to create solutions rather than hurdles. Let’s invest in our values, each other and our future. Let’s build connections and share our sense of responsibility for each other’s wellbeing and future. By working together, we can usher change through faster and stronger.

Investing in our planet is not an option, it’s a necessity. Let’s continue the fight, together.

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