Celebrating Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day serves as an opportunity to recognize and celebrate those shaping lives and communities through motherhood. Four perspectives on motherhood and shaping a better tomorrow:

Erin Boas, Senior Enterprise Account Manager, Seattle

“For me, Mother’s Day is not about individual recognition or being spoiled for a day but about cherishing the bonds we share and creating meaningful moments with loved ones.”

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Fawn Staerkel, Director of Strategic Vertical Markets, Phoenix

“We can’t control the world, but we can control our individual actions and help to influence and improve the lives of those around us.”

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Estee Toutai, Project Coordinator — Engineering, Seattle

“As a mother I hope I can inspire my children as well as future generations to live life fully and as their most authentic selves.”

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Collette Duck, Director of Business Operations — McKinstry Viridis, Houston

“Mothers are instrumental in molding us into the people we are, and the day allows us to acknowledge that and show appreciation to those closest to us. It’s a much-needed reminder in the hustle and bustle of life about what’s important.”

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