What Makes Us Tick

Established in 1960, McKinstry is a full-service design, build, operate and maintain (DBOM) firm with over 1,800 employees and approximately $500 million in annual revenue. McKinstry’s professional staff and trades people deliver consulting, construction, energy, and facility services. As an early adopter of the DBOM process, the company advocates collaborative and sustainable solutions that are designed to ensure occupant comfort, improve systems efficiency, reduce facility operational costs, and ultimately optimize client profitability for the life of their building.


Together, building a thriving planet.


We take responsibility to efficiently develop, engineer, deliver and operate the built environment.


  • OUR PEOPLE: As they are the foundation of our organization, and through their efforts the goals and values of the corporation are attained.
  • OUR CUSTOMERS: Creating value by looking to our customer’s needs to define the quality of our products and services and to determine our future direction.
  • OUR COMMUNITY: Serving our community allowing all our people to fulfill both their individual and corporate values.
  • OUR ENVIRONMENT: Striving continually to be responsible stewards of our planet and its precious resources.
  • SAFETY: Creating a safe work environment for our employees and customers.
  • FINANCIAL STABILITY: Ensuring long-term financial strength providing a measurement of performance, creating employee security and reinvesting in our future.
  • INNOVATION: Providing innovative solutions that maintain competitive advantage in a continually changing and complex industry.
  • OUR REPUTATION:  Achieving performance standards that maintain our position as the premier solution provider and the preferred place to work.
  • INTEGRATION: Weaving together disparate functions and expertise to innovate and drive out waste in the built environment by working together – internally, and with partners and clients – to achieve more innovative, creative solutions in collaboration.


McKinstry works with many government entities, always with the aim of protecting their budgets and helping them save resources for their communities. View projects >


McKinstry is a major player in helping create safe, efficient, and attractive healthcare environments. View projects >


McKinstry is a powerful partner in renewables, delivering turn-key energy source solutions. We implement long-term energy solutions for your community or organization. View projects >

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Together, building a thriving planet.


Taking responsibility to efficiently develop, engineer, deliver and operate the built environment.