Utilities and Infrastructure

Inspiring a new relationship between distributed energy resources, the grid and the infrastructure that supports buildings.

The pressure to drive waste and climate harm out of critical building systems and infrastructure is quickening. The regulatory, policy and financial landscape is transforming in real-time with new businesses and ownership models gaining traction and technology solutions entering the market at hyper-speed. Together, utility goals, climate commitments and the cost of distributed energy resources (DERs) coming down are creating a durable market for clean energy and zero-carbon solutions.

Transitioning the built environment to a zero-carbon future over time.

Our experts design and deliver solar photovoltaic (PV) arrays, battery and storage, micro-grids, EcoDistricts, water and wastewater treatment facilities solutions and central utility plants. Our teams are experienced with all potential development and delivery methods, including design-build, energy savings performance contracting (ESPCs), public-private partnerships (P3s), concession agreements, as-a-service models and power purchase agreements (PPAs).

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