Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

As part of our Action for Impact 2025 plan, McKinstry aspires to advance diversity, equity and inclusion internally and across our industry. We’re outpacing our industry in many areas, while continuing to push ourselves to do better.

Advancing Workforce Diversity

Along with a 30% increase in headcount since 2020, we’ve maintained and grown the representation of women and people of color at McKinstry.

Understanding our workforce data helps us understand our successes and opportunities for advancing diversity, equity and inclusion at McKinstry, and our Executive Committee regularly tracks and monitors this information. 

McKinstry Earns Equality 100 Award

McKinstry received a perfect 100% score on the 2023 Corporate Equality Index (CEI). Earning the Equality 100 Award marks our first-ever submission to the CEI and is a testament to our significant efforts in advancing LGBTQ+ equity in our workplace and beyond.

“It’s a joyful moment for us at McKinstry to have this external validation for the Pride Alliance and everyone who put in the effort to create the kinds of policies, benefits and environment that make McKinstry a welcoming place for members of the LGBTQ+ community. Thank you for laying the tracks and doing the work to bring us where we are today and condition the ground for future generations.” —Dean Allen, CEO

Creating Connectivity,
 Elevating Voices Through Alliances

McKinstry supports six employee resource groups, called alliances, that uplift women, people of color, the LGBTQ+ community and veterans at McKinstry. In 2023, 336 members participated in 35 events — including community service and professional development.

“Our alliance hosted many events this year including a vendor diversity open house, a PRIDE month celebration and a women’s self-advocacy training. We also continued to foster interoffice mentorship for new hires with our Buddy Program. We’re looking forward to awesome opportunities for growth in 2024!”

—Emma Knight, Construction Project Manager, Gender Equity PDX Alliance Co-Chair

“With three regional workshops, a new book club, and an expo for local women-owned businesses among many high points, 2023 was a great year for our alliance. I love the opportunity I have been given to lead this alliance over the last few years. It has been one of my career highlights.”

—Katie Jacobson, Senior Sales Operations Specialist, Mountain Womxn Alliance Co-Chair

“Expanding service projects nationwide, growing membership, and bringing on more veterans through Hiring Our Heroes were some of our many accomplishments in 2023. Knowing that veterans represent the full diversity of our nation’s military, our commitment to engaging, hiring, training and retaining veterans directly contributes to our Action for Impact plan.”

—Isaac Fones, Senior Talent Acquisition Partner, Veterans Alliance Co-Chair

Unity Steering
 Committee Summit

In 2023, Unity’s seven-member steering committee from around the country gathered for the first time in person at McKinstry’s Golden office. Over three days, the committee members collaborated, strategized, learned, volunteered in the community and bonded. Central to the gathering was a strategy session intended to further enable our Advancing Racial Equity workstream of our DEI strategic plan — an important piece of our overarching Action for Impact plan — and vital to attracting, retaining and advancing critical talent.

“We’ve been talking about getting together in person like this since the beginning of the Alliance, so seeing it happen just felt great. I’m so proud of the overall growth of the Alliance and all the events we’ve facilitated to put employees of color out there and enable them to connect with other employees of color.”

—Dandia Johnson, Product Management Specialist, Unity Alliance Co-Founder

Building Bridges

Building Bridges virtual sessions bring hundreds of McKinstry staff together throughout the year to engage in dialogue and reflect on critical topics related to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

2023 Topics included Inclusive Leadership; Gender Identity & Expression; Disability, Accessibility & Allyship; and The Loneliness Epidemic & Our Shared Need for Connection. 

“These sessions are amazing, of value, and are coming to be one of the highlights that I treasure about working at McKinstry.”

personally, I’ve never been party or witness to a for profit company that lives and demonstrates these values as a foundational pillar such as McKinstry does. It’s the progressive investment that McKinstry makes in our culture that I find makes such a significant impact.

Read more about Building Bridges in this Q&A with Ashley Ruiz, vice president of Social Impact  

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Advancing Education Equity & Access for Underserved Youth

In alignment with McKinstry’s commitment to our communities and to diversity, equity and inclusion, we launched two exciting new initiatives in 2023 that introduce underserved youth to careers in the construction and STEM industries.

Investments in MWDBEs

At McKinstry, we stand committed to the utilization and development of diverse business enterprises including minority, women, veteran, disabled, disadvantaged and LGBTQ-owned businesses. This commitment is evident through our spend with MWDBEs year over year:

  • Since 2018, McKinstry has spent a total of $240.82M with 576 MWDBE partners.
  • In 2023, McKinstry spent $51.32M with 216 MWDBEs. This was a $10M increase of spend from 2022.
$ M
Invested in MWDBEs since 2018

$ M
Invested in MWDBEs in 2023

MWDBE Partners since 2018

MWDBE Partners in 2023

Vendor Diversity Programs

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McKinstry Recognized for Leadership and Advocacy

Project W Supports Our Women in the Field

McKinstry believes that diversity makes us stronger. Women are underrepresented in the industry, and we are actively working to defy the status quo. In 2023, we created the Project W initiative. Project W represents the many ways we are empowering women in construction. This initiative includes our ongoing efforts to support women entering the skilled trades through our partnerships with ANEW and Oregon Tradeswomen, as well as encouraging young girls through programs like Camp BuildHER. McKinstry has also developed and deployed new Project W women’s field kits to provide complimentary amenities to our women craftworkers in the field. And, we continue to drive inclusive industry engagement through partnerships with the Mechanical Contractors Association, the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association, and women-owned businesses.


“Through Project W, McKinstry strives to attract, support, and elevate women in the field — paving the way for the next generation of women in construction.”

—Jennifer Koch, Director of Operations, Service (pictured second from left with colleagues who helped assemble the first production of Project W women’s field kits)