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Supporting Success of Emerging Vendors at Harborview Project

Our commitment to meeting and exceeding a 26% minority, women and other disadvantaged business enterprises (MWDBE) utilization goal with our partner Andersen Construction was key to winning the Norm Maleng project at Harborview Medical Center.

Throughout the project’s lifecycle, McKinstry is mentoring MWDBEs Sundancer Electric and Boyter Brothers, helping these emerging businesses better understand how to work in hospitals; network with McKinstry professionals; access resources, such as accelerated payment terms; and support safety on the job.

“Cultural integrity with respect to diversity, equity, and inclusion (and any other core values) means that an organization’s actions are consistent with how they describe their culture and values,” said Mark Boyter, CEO of Boyter Brothers. “McKinstry deals fairly with us and shows a genuine interest in helping us succeed.”

Our teams report progress to King County, including updates of McKinstry’s MWDBE mentorship efforts and support provided to our diverse subcontractors. Vendor Diversity managers at Andersen and McKinstry are co-developing a skills-building training for using multiple compliance tracking systems.