2022 Social Impact Report

McKinstry’s work to create greater equity and inclusion, serve communities, and drive a zero-carbon future.

Ashley Ruiz

Vice President of Social Impact

“2022 was another year of rapid progress and important advancements relative to our social and environmental aspirations. Collectively, we saw a return to many aspects of pre-pandemic normalcy — a shift that positively contributed to our community engagement initiatives but also presented renewed challenges to our zero-carbon commitment.

I couldn’t be prouder of the collective commitment, dedicated effort, and deep passion that exists for this work among our people. 2023 is poised to be an even greater year of progress in service of our vision of together, building a thriving planet.”

Some of our achievements from this year include:

  • Launching ScaleUp, McKinstry’s new diverse business accelerator program.
  • Procuring our first electric trucks as a step toward our future fully electrified commercial fleet.
  • Achieving the highest number of employee participants ever in McKinstry-supported community service projects across the country and increasing total volunteer hours by 72% over 2021.
  • Engaging 55% of our total staff in 2,132 hours of conversation about critical diversity, equity, and inclusion topics.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Our people are our number one priority, and we strive to nurture a culture in which all people can bring their full and authentic selves to work each day. Guided by our 2025 DEI strategic initiative, McKinstry continued to take action in 2022 to foster an inclusive, equitable and diverse workplace for all. Our accomplishments included growing and supporting our employee resource groups, bringing together our staff for open and courageous dialogue, rapidly accelerating our vendor diversity initiatives, and amplifying opportunities that advance underrepresented talent in the skilled trades.

Carbon and Climate

Our Carbon & Climate Commitment is focused on reducing the net greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from our business, changing the industry to push toward a zero-carbon future, and impacting people and communities through sustainability-oriented community service and philanthropy. In 2022, we took the first significant steps in our fleet electrification journey, continued to deepen our understanding and analysis of operational GHG emissions, solidified our commitment to lead the industry through MEP2040, and drove deep decarbonization in the built environment with our clients.

Building Good in Our Communities

Through philanthropy and purposeful community engagement, McKinstry is committed to contributing to our local communities, and we are proud to have played a leadership role in organizations that lift up future generations, protect and restore the planet, and advance equity and social justice. In 2022, we inspired our people to take action through our Building Good program, supported the work of hundreds of nonprofit organizations nationwide through both time and philanthropy, and rolled up our collective sleeves for everything from building tiny homes to constructing beaver dam analogs to creating highly-efficient model homes with youth.

Impact Awards

The Annual Impact Awards recognize McKinstry employees who rise above and beyond to forward McKinstry’s environmental and social responsibility aspirations. Award recipients have an opportunity to direct a $5,000 gift from the McKinstry Charitable Foundation to an organization that is important to them and aligns to our philanthropic priorities, as well as participate in a special community activity with our executives in the next calendar year.

Aaron Skroch, Program Manager, Energy Colorado


Sara Hofstee, Business Operations Analyst, Spokane


Tara Carney, Regional Director, Energy Colorado

I am deeply proud of the legacy we have built over more than 60 years at McKinstry. Our culture and our values prioritize the safety and wellbeing of our people, create deep and lasting partnerships with our clients, and uplift our communities.

We are committed to delivering a bright future for generations to come for both people and planet. Thank you for joining with us in this important work.

–Dean Allen, CEO