Building Good in Our Communities

Through philanthropy and purposeful community engagement, McKinstry is making a positive difference in our local communities. We are proud to support organizations that lift up future generations, protect and restore the planet, and advance equity and social justice.

McKinstry Employees in Action 2022

Day of Service

We roll up our sleeves and take action throughout the year, but Day of Service is an opportunity to amplify our collective impact nationwide. This video highlights our 2022 Day of Service impact.
Day of Service 2022
Day of Service 2022

Creating Shelter for Vulnerable Citizens

During 2022, 78 McKinstry team members contributed 300 hours to build transitional tiny homes with Sound Foundations NW, creating warm, safe and dry spaces that allow some of our most vulnerable community members to transition out of homelessness and into stability.

Restoring Streams and Wetlands in Utah’s Wilderness

McKinstry’s Utah team was awarded the 2022 Volunteer of the Year Award by Sageland Collective for their outstanding contributions to Utah’s conservation initiatives. Our team planted trees and built 12 beaver dam analogs along the Yellow Fork of Rose Creek during more than 65 hours of community service.

Inspiring the Next Generation of STEM Professionals in Denver

At South High School in Denver, the McKinstry team in Colorado brought engineering concepts to life for students through interactive demonstrations and hands-on projects. Starting in the fall of 2021, and going into the spring of 2022, the team covered the foundations of building envelopes and Revit software and took a field trip to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to examine renewable energy opportunities in real-time.

Charitable Foundation

The McKinstry Charitable Foundation is committed to improving our communities and the lives of people in need.​​​​ Since 1999, McKinstry has directed over $14 million to nonprofits across the country through the McKinstry Charitable Foundation. We provide opportunities for our employees to direct a donation to a qualified nonprofit of their choosing as well as for McKinstry Alliances to direct a donation to a nonprofit aligned with their mission and objectives.

$ M

Total charitable giving

Nonprofit recipients in 28 states 

Employees (staff and union) participated in People’s Choice 

$ K

Directed by McKinstry Alliances to mission-aligned nonprofits

Partner Spotlight: Climate Solutions

The McKinstry Charitable Foundation supports Climate Solutions and shares its vision to accelerate clean energy solutions and initiatives designed to equitably cut carbon pollution in Washington and Oregon. In recent years, both states have passed a series of nationally significant policies to move the region to 100% clean energy, transition quickly toward zero-emission vehicles, and make our buildings more efficient and less reliant on fossil fuels. We are invested in Climate Solutions’ focus on the rapid deployment of heat pumps into low-income housing and siting of renewable energy such as wind and solar. McKinstry is also excited to be an inaugural participant in Climate Solutions’ new fleet accelerator program, launching in 2023. 

Project Spotlight: WWU’s Campus as an Energy Efficiency Lab

In 2022, McKinstry launched a new commitment to Western Washington University’s Campus as an Energy Efficiency Lab, a model for preparing the next generation of energy leaders and problem solvers. The McKinstry Foundation is donating $60K to the university to fund the next three years of the program. Through this ongoing experiential learning program, students work with energy experts from Western’s Office of Facilities Management, the Institute for Energy Studies, and external experts to solve real world problems and seek solutions on Western’s campus related to energy consumption, energy technology, and energy efficiency. Additionally, McKinstry energy experts will provide mentorship and guidance for students and staff.