Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

As part of our Action for Impact 2025 plan, McKinstry aspires to advance diversity, equity and inclusion internally and across our industry. We’re outpacing our industry in many areas, while continuing to push ourselves to do better.

2022 DEI Mobilization

Increasing Representation

Over the past few years, our collective efforts across different geographies and departments around recruiting, development, leadership, and DEI engagement programs have increased our total representation of women and people of color at McKinstry. Since 2020, our staff representation of women has increased by 2.6% and people of color by 1.2%. While there is more work to be done, we are proud that our representation of both women and people of color are both significantly above industry averages and continue to increase year over year. Additionally, our Executive Committee is 27% women, 9% people of color, and 9% LGBTQ+, and our Board of Directors is 25% women and 12.5% people of color. Understanding our workforce data helps us understand our successes and opportunities for advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion at McKinstry, and our Executive Committee regularly tracks and monitors this information.

Creating Connectivity, Elevating Voices Through Alliances

McKinstry currently supports six active employee-led alliances working to provide connection and increased opportunities for career development, collaboration and mentorship. Current Alliances are organized around women, the LGBTQ+ community, veterans, and employees of color at McKinstry with active ally participation in all groups.

In 2022, 286 active members supported by 12 employee leaders and 6 executive sponsors completed 32 events and initiatives.

“The alliances bring together like-minded employees and allies from across the company and allow vulnerable individuals to connect and build community. This community helps uplift its members and find ways to make the employee experience here at McKinstry that much better.”

—Mel Murphy, Engineer and Co-Lead of the McKinstry Pride Alliance

Building Bridges Through Courageous Conversations

In 2022, we continued our Building Bridges series, in which more than half of McKinstry employees gathered to discuss topics that support our work to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). The series provides a safe space for increasing understanding of critical DEI topics; models constructive dialogue on sensitive topics in the workplace; and builds competence and confidence around DEI.  

700 participants engaged in 2,132 hours of conversation

“As a company and a society, we should not stop continuing to learn and adapt and be better. Thank you for opening these conversations and prioritizing them. They hit home, they hit hard, and this is the perfect alignment of values for our company and people. Thank you again.” —McKinstry Employee Participant

ANEW + McKinstry

McKinstry is engaged in a multi-year partnership with ANEW, a pre-apprenticeship program that trains underrepresented people to enter the construction industry. In 2022, we provided additional financial support and led an all-women cohort of ANEW pre-apprentices on an educational tour of our UW Milgard Hall construction jobsite in Tacoma.

“We are excited to work with ANEW to expand our field candidate pool with diverse skilled workers. The program provides exposure to all trades — giving applicants a better understanding of the trade they choose and a leg-up in the application process. Through ANEW, we are helping improve people’s lives by developing skills to achieve family-wage careers.”

—Jennifer Koch, Director of Operations, Service


Through resources and outreach efforts, McKinstry is rapidly growing the inclusion of Minority, Women and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (MWDBEs) in our work. In 2022, we launched ScaleUp — a mentorship program designed to scale and support diverse business enterprises and remove barriers to entry. ScaleUp participants take courses led by McKinstry subject matter experts; are paired with McKinstry advisors; and gain access to valuable networking opportunities.

Increased MWDBE spending from $26 million in 2021 to $32 million in 2022 with 175 diverse business partners across our projects and locations.

Enrolled six participating MWDBEs representing three states (WA, OR, CO) in the ScaleUp mentorship program.

“As an Advisor for the Scaleup program, I am honored to be a part of a meaningful initiative that not only strengthens our DEI vision, but also promotes valuable, honest business relationships that will sustain over time.”

—Molly O’Neill-Schroeer, Senior Construction Manager, Energy

Women in Construction Week 2022

In celebration of Women in Construction Week and International Women’s Day, women across the company came together to share and celebrate their unique strengths, skills and talents.
Celebrating the Superpowers of Women at McKinstry
Celebrating the Superpowers of Women at McKinstry