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McKinstry Corporate Social Impact: 2021 Year in Review

Highlights of Our Commitment and Progress

The last two years have presented highly visible and urgent opportunities for change, particularly around affordability, equity and climate. The pandemic amplified economic hardships for those already struggling to make ends meet. A call for racial justice swept the nation, demanding lasting systemic reforms. Extreme weather events, fueled by a changing climate, left communities reeling. Across the country, we’ve witnessed unprecedented opportunities for impact — and a call to action for both people and planet.

McKinstry is a powerful example of a company that refuses to sit on the sidelines. We have joined many businesses around the world to address these challenges head on through efforts we can make through our work, with our people and in our communities.

As a company, we are first and foremost a member of our communities, and one of our core values is to put people first. This means caring for people not only within the walls of McKinstry, but in every part of their worlds. It means taking action to ensure all children can grow up in a healthy, green and stable world. It also means ensuring that family and friends all enjoy equal rights and equal opportunities to thrive, regardless of their race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity or expression, age, ability or nationality. We want each person in our communities to have access to earn a livable wage and the economic means to live with dignity. To truly be people-first means that we take action every day for the well-being of all.

Working on these issues can feel overwhelming at times. Facing the climate threat, delivering affordability and tackling systemic inequity are complex and interdependent challenges. Despite all this, our optimism remains strong. Our hope and belief in a better tomorrow is deep, especially when we see the commitment, passion and ingenuity of McKinstry employees. We are proud of the work we’ve accomplished in 2021 to advance our social and environmental commitments. We invite you to read more in our full McKinstry Corporate Social Impact: 2021 Year in Review.

Together, building a thriving planet.

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