Building Resiliency with Shared Energy

Enabling Shared Energy and Decarbonization

EcoDistricts offer a shared-energy approach that eliminates unnecessary waste, accelerates zero-carbon opportunities and forever changes how occupants interact with the built environment. Sharing energy across connected buildings introduces new opportunities for zero-energy and zero-carbon aspirations. Adding smart building controls, sensors and digital backbones provides performance insights to all stakeholders.

Solar PV, storage and other distributed energy resources are gaining ground, and we can accelerate this adoption through neighborhood-scale shared energy systems. Renewable energy solutions are cost effective, reduce operating costs, provide an attractive return on investment and help achieve climate action and sustainability goals. McKinstry develops, builds and maintains turn-key rooftop, canopy and ground mounted solar projects that are tailored to meet our client’s unique economic, community impact and energy goals.

Making a United Effort

McKinstry is transforming buildings into environments that adapt autonomously, share energy and balance utility grids through our collaboration with clients, strategic partners and the communities we serve.

Resiliency – Traditional Backup Generation

McKinstry began providing resiliency services in 2006 with a focus on data centers and technology companies with critical loads that simply can’t go down. Our clients include some of the largest Fortune 100 companies in the US, with resiliency solutions spanning traditional diesel and natural gas backup generation, fuel cell and battery storage systems. Our team of subject matter experts work with you to uncover critical issues, determine the best path forward and partner with you to implement the solution that’s right for you.


McKinstry has always evolved and innovated to meet the challenges facing the built environment, facility owners and our utility partners. We currently have more than a dozen net zero, microgrid or shared energy projects completed or under development. These projects are further designed to provide building owners with granular insight into behind-the-meter loads and assets, helping optimize both building and utility system operations.

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