In-Building Wireless

Stay Connected with In-Building Wireless

Our networked world grinds to a halt when we lose connectivity. Every organization, from private businesses to public safety agencies, demands the ability to transmit and receive data without interruption. Risks to productivity, profit or even public safety rise when connectivity fails. Connectivity is degraded when glass facades and concrete walls deflect signals and countless devices strain networks. Instead, we have to take an inside-out approach to ensure that we remain constantly connected.

In-building wireless systems protect connectivity by adding coverage and expanding capacity. This full-spectrum connectivity is complex; each signal relies on unique technologies that require specialized expertise to design and install. Lower your risk with a design-build firm that provides seamless, turnkey solutions tailored to your particular needs.

Read more below about our services that include:

  • Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)
  • Wireless Local Access Networks (WLAN)
  • Mobile Engagement Solutions

In addition to being your single point of accountability throughout the deployment of your solution, we work closely with wireless carriers and public safety agencies to ensure that your systems are fine-tuned to all third-party specifications. We ensure all licensed frequencies are transmitted without interference and all public safety channels are unblocked and interoperable.


Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)

Whether you are an enterprise looking for cellular coverage in your office, a developer looking to attract tenants or a contractor looking to meet evolving public safety radio enhancement requirements, McKinstry has you covered. We work with all the major carriers and your local public safety jurisdiction to ensure all standards are not only met, but exceeded. From turnkey systems to a la carte services, our solutions are tailored to fit your application, timeline and budget.

Carrier DAS

The expectation for cellular connectivity has become common as we rely on our mobile devices more and more. And carriers are trying to keep up with the demand. We work with both neutral host companies and all the major carriers to extend cellular network coverage indoors.

Public Safety DAS

Widespread adoption of newer fire codes by state and local jurisdictions is creating an ever-evolving set of installation and design standards for providing first responder radio coverage. McKinstry can cut through the noise and install a system guaranteed to meet code requirements and meet your deadline for occupancy.

Outstanding design
Our experienced engineers will design carrier-grade DAS systems to your project’s specifications. Every one of our wireless engineers holds industry standard and manufacturer certifications.

Wireless Local Access Networks (WLAN)

It’s challenging to know how well your WLAN system is performing. When investing in a new network, migrating from a legacy network or using a mixed environment, proper planning keeps critical applications running at peak performance and sensitive data secure.

McKinstry offers a comprehensive set of professional services that cover the entire wireless implementation lifecycle including planning, design, site survey, installation, configuration, and security.

Customers will benefit by optimizing WLAN performance without unnecessary capital expenditure, minimizing help desk calls from unsatisfied users and maximizing performance of critical applications while securing the network from wireless threats.

WLAN Product Selection
Evaluating available WLAN solutions can be overwhelming.  Leverage McKinstry WLAN expertise for recommendations on specific product solutions to match your organization’s wireless needs. McKinstry experts can provide guidance on all aspects of your wireless network design including:

  • Type of WLAN protocols, Access Points, and licensing needs
  • Authentication, guest onboarding and policy enforcement
  • Type of antennas
  • Cabling and power
  • Other accessories such as weatherproof enclosures, lightning arrestors, etc. if necessary

Predictive RF Planning

Deploy your WLAN with confidence. McKinstry delivers a detailed WLAN pre-deployment planning report that includes:

  • Guidance on WLAN settings to achieve your WLAN performance and security goals
  • Recommended device placement
  • RF coverage maps
  • Complete bill of material (BoM)

Site Survey and Analysis

Maximize the return on your existing WLAN investment. Benefit from a live onsite RF site survey conducted by McKinstry RF experts that includes:

  • Fine-tuning of WLAN predictive planning
  • Troubleshooting of wireless performance problems if any
  • Spectrum analysis to detect live RF interference
  • Guidance on continued reliable operation of your WLAN

Wireless LAN Installation

Ensure the success of your wireless LAN rollout.  We manage complex network designs to ensure that your project is delivered on-time and on-budget while meeting all of your organization’s performance and security requirements. McKinstry wireless installation services include:

  • Timeline for BoM procurement, installation, and testing
  • Logistics about availability and shipping of equipment
  • Resource allocation at each site
  • Installation and configuration of your WLAN
  • Full documentation and labeling of installation for inventory and maintenance

Mobile Engagement Solutions

New technologies and a mobile device in every hand offers business unprecedented opportunities to engage their customers. Give your guests or customers an unforgettable experience with a mobile engagement strategy.

Bluetooth-Enabled Engagement
Bluetooth beacons placed strategically around a space allow you and your guests to know exactly where they are. Guests download your app and can receive turn-by-turn directions to navigate throughout the space. Push notifications and pop-up ads then allow you to engage customers at every turn based on their preferences.

Personalized App Development
We help you create a specialized app that can drive business and customer engagement. We then teach your marketing department how to build and share new content so you remain flexible and fresh.

Unique Customer Experience
Mobile engagement creates a customer experience like no other. It’s more than just a business opportunity for you – it’s a chance to be remembered.

McKinstry partners with Aruba Networks to deliver mobile engagement solutions.


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